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Domański Zakrzewski Palinka is the largest law firm in Poland. Our reputation and brand is the result of 15 years’ experience in providing legal advice to clients running business operations.With its team of over 140 lawyers, our firm provides services through its headquarters in Warsaw and offices in Poznań, Wrocław, Toruń and Łódź. We serve clients from all business sectors, offering them comprehensive legal advice in all areas and law specialisations. Our services are characterised by our understanding of both the legal and the business needs of our clients.The firm renders its services in various languages including Polish, English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Our network of links with foreign law firms allows us to handle our clients’ affairs not only in Poland but also abroad.The Law Firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka was founded in Warsaw in 1993. It has been operating under its current name since 1999.From the very beginning, our founders’ vision was to create a large Polish law firm which operated independently on the market and specialised in advising the most dynamically developing and ambitious Polish firms. Since its formation, our law firmLaw Firm has dealt with a range of issues, key to both the market and specific sectors has resolved precedential legal cases, and helped its clients to become market leaders.We have also advised the Polish government on numerous matters, laying the foundations of capital market operations and co-creating Polish trade law. All these projects have helped our lawyers to acquire valuable experience and have enabled our Law Firm to gain the recognition of our clients.Our mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of respect for property and market economy rules through the appropriate application of and improvements to the law.We want to be the leading independent law firm in providing services to corporate clients. Our ambition is to be renowned not only for our high professional standards but also for having a good understanding of our clients’ core business, becoming involved in their affairs, taking a creative approach and ensuring that we carry out our work thoroughly and on time. We are fully aware of the extent to which the legal environment can affect a firm’s competitiveness and ability to build up a market advantage. Working with the best companies on the market, we know how crucial legal safety is to their operations and how important it is to their business strategy to anticipate and adapt to change.This is why our aim is to provide our clients with fast, realistic, creative and effective solutions.The Law Firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka takes a principled approach to law observance, and abides by ethical values and transparency,all of which qualities are key to running a business and functioning on the commercial market.Our Law Firm works on the conviction that effective operating brings with it social responsibility, which is why we engage in a range of pro bono activities. We also support non-governmental initiatives.The Law Firm is involved in numerous initiatives aimed at setting capital market standards and co-creating corporate governance rules. For many years we have worked with the Stock Exchange and other financial institutions, e.g. the Polish Private Equity Association. Professor Grzegorz Domański was one of the first Chairmen of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Council and is also a honorary member of the Exchange. He co-wrote the stock exchange regulations and led the work of the Best Practices Committee at the Corporate Governance Forum in the years 2001-2007.Dr. Marcin Matczak acts as an expert to the extraordinary committee responsible for de-bureaucratising the economy – Przyjazne Państwo, and for the Ministry of Justice as an expert on draft laws on accessing the legal profession, on legal aid, and on judicial cognisance and the career path of judges.Our Law Firm also supports other initiatives geared towards projecting an image of Poland as an attractive place for investment in Europe. Our lawyers participate in presentations and road shows portraying investment opportunities in Poland for foreign firms. One of the institutions we work closely with is the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, bringing out many joint publications aimed at foreign investors, including companies from Asia.DZP provides both financial and organisational support to the Przymierze Rodzin Association, the Ernst & Young Foundation, the Anna Dymna Mimo Wszystko Foundation, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the LC Heart Foundation, and Prawo do pomocy Foundation.A key element of the Law Firm’s pro bono activity is to support the development of law education in Poland and legal environment initiatives. The Law Firm is a strategic partner of ELSA Poland and co-organiser of the annual competition for the best law student Primus in Primis.In many cases, it takes the co-operation of specialists in several different disciplines to find the right solution. As our team is made up of specialists in all fields of law we can offer clients a professional approach to finding solutions to even the most complex issues.Our Law Firm’s work for clients is carried out by multi-task teams and in case of need we also use external experts, e.g. foreign law firms or tax specialists from international advisory firms.To meet our clients’ needs we have set up specialist teams providing advice to foreign clients in their mother tongue, be it German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese. We also have lawyers who speak English, French, Russian and Portuguese.Practise Areas:- Corporate matters- Mergers and acquisitions- Commercial contracts- Capital markets- Financial institutions- Insurance- Foreign direct investments/Investment incentives- European Union law- Intangibles law- Personal data protection- Competition law- Telecommunications- Media law- Public procurement- Power sector- Environmental protection- Bankruptcy and restructuring- Labour law- Real estate- Arbitration and litigation- Pharmaceutical law and biotechnology- Regulatory and constitutional law advisory- Transport and infrastructure- Iberian market- Asian market- German market

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