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The Company senior partners and majority of the employees were previously employed in FORYSTEK GÓRALCZYK RYCHLICKI Law Office, operating since 1997 and FORYSTEK GÓRALCZYK RYCHLICKI BUDZOWSKA FIUTOWSKI JAMORSKI, a continuation of the previously mentioned Law Office.Each of the partners - founders, before the company was established, practiced in field of commercial law. The decision on establishing the company emerged from their common conviction that form of their practice has to meet requirements of the market and the many and varied needs of Clients, who expected complex legal assistance served in an interdisciplinary and modern manner. Alle partners associate broad professional experience gathered in the internationally renowned law offices: THEODORE GODDARD,  DEWEY BALLANTINE and DOMAŃSKI, ZAKRZEWSKI, PALINKA with the experience gathered during work as in-house lawyers for the largest industrial companies in Poland.Our team of over 36 lawyers in 2 offices in Kraków and 1 office in Warsaw offers profound expertese in commercial, banking, civil, company, labour, tax and criminal law. We work in field of mergers and company takeovers. We advise our Clients in issuing of the securities (including obligations) and in gaining other sources of financing of commercial undertakings. We also focus on reprivatisational claims, with special regard to real properties situated in Warsaw, manor-mansion complexes, nationalized companies and artpieces.Our services include real estate law, building investment projects, foreign investments with respect to the real estates, as well as company and obligation law. We provide our Clients with powerful, innovative legal solutions in practically any topic they wish.Our policy is to provide services without any limitations regarding category of Client, matter and region of the country or the world. Our Clients include largest Polish and foreign entities, i.e. banks, stock companies, brokerage houses, insurance and phonographic companies, breweries, fuel companies, global food corporations, construction companies, developers, advertising agencies, foundations and associations as well as charity organizations.Our Law Office offers full scope of legal services. We fulfill all the norms and rules of international law offices. We recognize those rules important not only in scope of professional matters, but also in relation to the remuneration, established with our Clients according to criteria based on time spent by the respective lawyer on a specific matter, accepted by the Client. We also establish our fees in other forms, according to the Clients preferences.Our company cooperates with notary publics in Cracow and Warsaw, with academic staff of Jagielloński and Warsaw University, patent attorneys, court and other experts as well as sworn translators.EXPERIENCE:- COMPANIES, M&A TRANSACTIONS, VENTURE CAPITAL, PRIVATE EQUITY- TAXES, CUSTOMS DUTIES- REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION INVESTMENTS- BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES- LITIGATIONS, ADMINISTRATIVE DISPUTES AND ARBITRATION- IPOs, SECURITIES- AVIATION LAW- SPORTS LAW- BANKRUPTCY LAW AND REORGANIZATION LAW- INTERNET LAW AND COMPUTER LAW- INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, COMPETITION PROTECTION, ANTI-MONOPOLY LAW- REPRIVATIZATION- ENVIRONMENTAL LAW

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