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Wardyński & Partners is one of Poland’s largest independent law firms. We have been operating since the end of the 1980s, and as a partnership since 1992. The founding partners Tomasz Wardyński and Wiesław Szczepiński worked closely together since the late 1980s on privatizations and investment projects, winning themselves a reputation which laid the foundations for the position now enjoyed by the firm.For years the firm has been recognized as the leader in Poland in many areas of the legal profession, notably – commercial law, project financing, mergers & acquisitions, dispute resolution and arbitration, taxation, real estate, banking & finance and intellectual property.Currently the firm has 22 partners and 110 associates, who provide a broad spectrum of legal services to Polish and international businesses.Wardyński & Partners has offices in Warsaw, Poznań (Poland) and Brussels (Belgium).Our lawyers, who dispose of solid legal expertise, place special efforts in their relationships with clients, in order not to burden them with the intricacies of legal provisions, but to translate the law into business language. In our day-to-day work we are guided by such values as professionalism, dedication and integrity.Our experience in managing cases and in taking care of current problems of our clients, allows us to organize the appropriate teams of lawyers effectively and to react innovatively to client needs.We always attempt to optimise the costs of legal services and to maintain the highest possible standards in respect of legal competence, document management and confidentiality. Each client is looked after by a designated “client partner”, whose task is to organize and coordinate all matters for a given client. We do care about building the most partner-like relationships with our clients.Banking and FinanceWardyński & Partners has one of the most experienced banking and finance practices among law firms in Poland. Our lawyers are dedicated to provide effective and practical advice, which reflects an in-depth understanding of the business goals of clients.Our Banking and Finance Practice provides a full range of assistance in financing, with specific  emphasis on project finance, acquisition financing, in banking regulatory, real estate finance, and debt restructuring. We also advise on syndicated lending, international loan facilities, securitization, restructuring of banking portfolio, asset financing, refinancing, debt securities, establishing branch and representative offices of foreign banks, and on cash pooling. The firm has had extensive experience in acquisitions and public takeovers of banks and other financial institutions, including banking groups. We have been involved in due diligence analysis of major banks, financial intermediaries and other financial institutions.Our clients include major local and foreign banks and other financial institutions, borrowers, leading private equity funds, real estate funds, trustees of bonds and bondholders. The lawyers in the group keep focus on specific market sectors, to better understand the needs and goals of our clients, the practice of the sector, and to develop the commercial expertise they have.In the international banking and finance practice, many transactions are governed by either English, or New York State law, which are usually provided in finance documentation to govern cross-border transactions. Co-operation with a wide network of leading London and US firms enables us to effectively assist clients in such transactions. The day-to-day co-operation with leading international firms allows us to combine a broad knowledge of domestic practice and international financing expertise.Our banking and finance clients benefit from a full range of services provided by us, because we closely cooperate with our colleagues from other practices. We, specifically, involve our Tax Practice to structure tax advantaged financing, and we very often work with our real estate, insolvency, and M&A and capital markets colleagues.Bankruptcy and RestructuringFrom the start of the economic transformation in Poland, the chambers of Wardyński & Partners has provided legal assistance in the scope of bankruptcy and rehabilitation law, and banking composition arrangement proceedings. It was also active in debt restructuring operations on the basis of other generally applicable regulations of the law.These were cases including both the bankruptcy proceedings of large enterprises and of smaller firms. At present, the chambers of Wardyński & Partners participate in both bankruptcy proceedings involving the liquidation of the assets of the bankrupt and also in proceedings in which a bankrupt seeks to come to an arrangement with creditors.Legal assistance is provided for debtors facing problems with the timely satisfaction of dues, as also for creditors pursuing their claims from debtors in arrears and in relation to whom rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings should be commenced, or who have decided to commence negotiations with their creditors.The services provided by the chambers include consultancy and representation of clients at all the stages of bankruptcy or rehabilitation proceedings. The chambers is experienced both in the scope of representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and in advising entrepreneurs who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.Wardyński & Partners has participated many times in transactions for the sale of enterprises belonging to bankrupt companies or individual entrepreneurs. In the framework of these transactions, the chambers conducted legal analyses of the above enterprises, prepared offers made in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, negotiated with general receivers of bankruptcy estates the transaction terms for the sale of the entirety of the enterprise or particular asset components, and prepared contracts and documentation accompanying the sale of assets.The tasks entrusted to the chambers have also included analysis of the risks associated with conclusion of contracts and performance of other transactions with entities that find themselves in a bad financial situation and also entrepreneurs who have already been declared bankrupt.Together with the coming into force of the present bankruptcy and rehabilitation law in October 2003 and Poland’s accession to the European Union, new areas have opened for the services provided by the chambers.Possibilities exist, to a much greater degree than under the regulations now no longer in force, for the undertaking of preventive activities for the avoidance of bankruptcies as also for the securing of claims, which in case of a declaration of bankruptcy will restrict negative consequences for the creditor.A new area of services rendered is legal assistance in the conducting of trans-border bankruptcies, both those based on the international part of the regulations of the law on bankruptcy and rehabilitation, which in significant measure implements the regulations of the UNCITRAL Model Law, and on the regulations of the EU that have direct application to bankruptcies conducted on EU territory. The chambers of Wardyński & Partners was probably the first in Poland to advise foreign general receivers of bankruptcy estates in the conducting of bankruptcy proceedings on the basis of EU regulations in the case of a bankruptcy of a commercial law company with its registered address on the territory of Poland.There is no doubt that an area that is of particular interest to company authorities, and management boards especially, is the matter of the personal liability of authorities of an enterprise in relation to creditors in case of their violation of the provisions of bankruptcy and rehabilitation law. Whether provided to the authorities of bankrupt enterprises or for their creditors, the legal assistance of the chambers covers this area as well.Capital MarketsWe have many years of experience in the legal aspects of the capital markets and the functioning of financial institutions connected with them.In particular we are able to provide legal advice on the following:- Introduction of securities into public trading, including assistance in drafting a prospectus or information memorandum.- Delisting of securities from public trading on the regulated market.- Terms of trading securities on the regulated market.- Acquisition of large packets of shares and fulfilment of information obligations this entails.- Offering to Polish investors of foreign securities and participation units in investment funds.- Information obligations, rules for protecting of confidential information and for operating in line with principles of corporate governance in public companies.- Detailed powers and obligations of shareholders in public companies.- Issue of bank securities.- Issue of non-public securities.The firm can also provide comprehensive assistance during Public Offerings of foreign securities in Poland, including those listed in EU Member States. We can advise foreign investment firms on the conditions and full range of brokerage services that can be offered in Poland.The Law Firm provides legal assistance with setting up of Investment Fund Companies and the legal aspects of operating running them as well as the running funds which they manage  (open, closed, money market, portfolio and securitization funds); we also assist in the legal aspects of managing investment funds, and the disposal of participation units in Poland by foreign investment funds.The ongoing services which Wardyński & Partners provide to many listed companies, and years of assisting in transactions on the capital markets has us given a wealth of experience on the legal obligations of public companies, and in representing them before the institutions that supervise the capital markets (Commission for

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