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The registered partnership of Koehler Rak Kurowski was created as a result of the legal advisor Mariusz Kurowski, who had previously liased with the company of Koehler & Rak Law Chambers for many years, was taken into partnership.The civil partnership was created as the result of merging the lawyer’s office of advocate Paweł Koehler and the office of legal advisor and advocate Andrzej Rak. This merging was a result of a sudden evolution of supply for law services that was caused by the political -economic changes in Poland at the end of the 1980s and 1990s.In Poland in the 1980s, the requirements of a, still small, free market were dealt with by lawyers acting on their own, while political and economic change caused a sudden need for the services of multi-membered law chambers with suitably sized structures in place. Koehler Rak Kurowski have been able to meet those challenges by creating an adequate structure that comes up to the clients’ requirements, and which has become a part of structure of local and national law chambers of a contemporary profile.In particular, from the very beginning of the law office’s operation, Koehler Rak Kurowski has specialised in serving a number of foreign clients which have asked us to act for them because of our knowledge and experience in working in foreign languages – primarilyl English and German – as well an understanding of and ability to deliver the specific needs of foreign clients, and to advise the client in the type of legal service they might require in terms of the legal framework.In a short initial period of time, the partnership of Koehler Rak Kurowski was split between the two addresses of the hitherto existing law chambers of the partners, enrolled into the lists of the active lawyers in two job corporations, which resulted in including in the name the term “law chambers”.This name is still in use today, although unified organisation of the company, during its constant development, underwent numerous transformations and it has always adjusted to the current market situation, both on the side of service providers and service receivers – based on a careful observation of tendencies on the local, Polish and world market. Koehler Rak Kurowski draw first of all on their wide experience, as well as the experience of acting for with companies in Silesia, in Poland as a whole and world -wide – utilising the working practices taken up from training related to scholarships, participation in international job organisations and conferences organised in Poland and Europe as well as lectures and professional publications.The new statutory regulations regarding job performance have resulted in a re-organisation of the company and at Koehler Rak Kurowski we are confident that we can meet the requirements of our clients and our partners in an even greater efficient manner. In particular, joining the Interlegal international body will enable the comprehensive development and full implementation of ordered law services. The Law Chambers of Koehler Rak Kurowski concentrate on providing legal services for industry and commerce from various branches of the economy, in the field of which we have been gained wide experience over the last few years.Koehler Rak Kurowski specialises in civil law and business law, as well as commercial company law, foundations and associations law, real property law, transport law, administrative law, labour law, property and economic insurance law as well as other connected branches of substantive law, including tax, customs and foreign exchange law, antimonopoly law, copyright protection law, trade marks law, unfair competition law and law on religious denominations.We act for our clients in both offering current and on-goingconstant legal services. as well as temporary consultations and advice, as well as projects of contracts and any other documents.We also deal with running all kinds of proceeedings before statutory bodies and administrative courts, civilian courts and courts of conciliation.Although Koehler Rak Kurowski  focuses on this sphere of commercial law, we are happy to offer legal assistance in any field that our regular clients may require, as well as public legal advice services, with particular reference to cases of penal law, inheritance law or family aspects of law, often inextricably connected with material issues of commercial cases.To carry out our clients’ requirements fully, we have entered into agreements with the world’s leading law companies with headquarters in Warsaw and other Polish cities.Our participation in Interlegal aids in Koehler Rak Kurowski being able to provide our clients with a professional law service all over the world. Working practices at Koehler Rak Kurowski in solving problems of clients is with the participation of all partners so that any tiny detail of the matter, or any possibility of solving the problem cannot be overlooked.In this way our law chambers belong to such law companies, where partners act together for the benefit of the client – this is a different scenarion to some larger companies where a large number of employees aim only at limiting costs.Certainly, each client case is referred by a particular person that has a comprehensive and constant conception as to how to manage the case and its course with the support of colleagues. However other partners have always knowledge at least about the essential  aspects of the matter, which means that in case of exceptional absence of the initial case worker, this does not result in handicapping the service. Also regular consultations increase efficiency and effectiveness of the action taken and at the same time they help build a knowledge of the case, for all staff, not only the initial reciever.The obvious consequence of the huge development of legislation and practice is focusing on some types of the matters, leaving the others for the partners. Being conscious that a narrow specialisation narrows  perception of the essence of the matter and ts all consequences – every partner has a better orientation of the case  than the other partners have in some law branches. As an example one could take  Mr Koehler’s specialisation, focused on real property law, antimonopoly law, copyright protection law, trade marks law, unfair competition law.  Andrzej Rak is an expertin all aspects of commercial company law, foundations and associations law as well as law on religious denominations. M. Kurowski has gained experience in cases connected with taxes, negotiations of big contractual constructions as well as internet law. Each of the partners has an extensive record  of having successfullyfought a large number of cases.Koehler Rak Kurowski  are actively involved in supporting newly qualified lawyers in their professional development. The Law Chambers have during the last few years had in place a careful selection procedure and employ talented  young graduates and legal trainees ( many who are now eminent in the profession),  working under the guidance of senior staff and the partners themselves; the latter endeavour to aid in forwarding their experience and job performance regulations, devoting much time and effort to guarantee the highest quality of work.Some of the new generation lawyers still work or co-operate with the Law Chambers, others work on their own, in their own law chambers or in other law jobs. The partners are still open to various forms of co-operation with talented, competent young lawyers, and are ready to share  their knowledge.Koehler Rak Kurowski are dedicated to further company development order to facilitate client satisfaction  of clients.

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