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The firm was founded by Pieter van Doorne in 1930. In January of 2004, we merged with Landwell Netherlands, bringing the total number of associates to around 150 lawyers, notaries and tax specialists. In addition to a top-level practice in the Netherlands, we have an extensive international practice with clients mainly in the US, the UK and Germany.

At Van Doorne, we aim to be 'spot on' every day in protecting our clients' commercial interests. Driven and sharp, we are looking for the best solutions and provide our clients with workable advice.

Van Doorne is a full-service firm with specialised practice groups, which together cover all aspects of business law. The various practice groups cooperate closely to offer our clients the precise combination of knowledge and expertise relevant to the case.

In addition to a large and high-quality transaction practice, the firm has a leading litigation practice and a notarial practice. We also act as counsel for the Treasury of the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Banking and Finance
Financing is the key to most major transactions. More and more often, companies are looking for financing on the bond and equity markets. The regulatory frameworkof the financial markets is subject to rapid and constant change. How do you cope? What is the most effective way to arrange financing? What is the market practice?Van Doorne follows developments closely and comes up with creative, practical solutions to legal problems.

Globalization, privatization and liberalization offer opportunities for entrepreneurs, but they also present challenges. Leading businesses have to compete to hold on to their market share. Changes in legislation and regulations follow one another in rapid succession. What are the consequences for your strategic policy? How can you continue to build on your success? Van Doorne offers advice and assistance in all your corporate law matters, and it goes without saying that you can be sure of the best possible result.

Working life, the job market and employment relations are changing. Employers are taking on new responsibilities and facing greater risks. Reorganizations, downsizing operations, changes in pension or employee representation legislation: each of them may have a serious impact on your business. Although the government is increasingly "hands-off", tighter rules and regulations are introduced across the board. Van Doorne keeps a close eye on developments and puts them in the correct legal context for you.

European and competition law
As more countries join the European Union and the barriers between the member states are dismantled, businesses face new opportunities and challenges. Increasingly, it is not the Netherlands but the EU that makes the rules. At times, this may be rather confusing. Does your company meet the requirements set by Europe? Have you read up on national and European competition rules? What do you need to bear in mind when you decide to tender for a contract? In other words, is your company Europe-proof and competition law compliant?Information TechnologyIT is the backbone of your organization. However, the rapid advances in technology have made regulatory compliance increasingly difficult. How is your strategic policy affected by this? What is the most effective design for your IT? Should you consider outsourcing? Van Doorne keeps a close eye on developments and comes up with creative, practical solutions.

Nowadays, many businesses see their reserves evaporating: they run into cashflow and liquidity problems. These days an employer has greater responsibility, and more risks, to contend with, while tangible signs of economic recovery are not forthcoming. How are you coming to terms with this issue? Van Doorne can help you to shore up your position and minimize losses should things take a turn for the worse. By helping you get back on track, or by safeguarding your interests where you sense a business partner may breach your contract or otherwise cause you loss or damage by going into liquidation.

Intellectual Property
The context of intellectual property law is becoming broader, more complex, and more competitive, a trend that is driven by the globalization of economy and communication. How can you ensure that your intellectual property has the best possible protection? What is the best way to commercialize your rights? And how do you enforce your rights against others? Van Doorne can offer you strategic and businessoriented assistance when it comes to protecting,commercializing and enforcing all your intellectual property and similar rights.

Litigation and Insurance
The American "claim culture" has taken hold in the Netherlands. The number of claims brought against companies and their executive and supervisory boards is increasing. Professionals such as doctors and lawyers are not spared either. It is vital for businesses and professionals to insure themselves against unacceptable risk. Van Doorne can help you keep claims to a minimum or avoid them altogether. And if you do end up in court, you can rely on our wide experience in litigation.

Notarial Practice
Whether drawing up articles of incorporation, acquiring real estate or issuing shares, all healthy commercialand not-for-profit organizations need to document their agreements. Corporate law, real estate law and the regulations that apply in your sector are changing constantly. How do you cope? Are you up to date? Van Doorne's notarial practice turns legal obstacles into comprehensive, creative, practical solutions.

Physical planning in the Netherlands is becoming an increasingly complex affair that makes heavy demands on the government and the private sector. Economicprogress and environmental protection have long been at odds with one another. As local authorities take on more responsibility, and as the relevant rules andprovisions are tightened, it is becoming harder for opposing interests to find common ground. How will this affect your current or future building projects?Van Doorne keeps a close watch on trends and developments, and clarifies the legal context for you.

Public Law
The regulatory framework for not-for-profit organizations, companies in strictly regulated markets and (local and regional) authorities is complicated and as a rule sector-specific. The tendency of deregulation shows in more and more branches of industry. This incites reconsideration of the structuring of organizations, offers room for socially responsible business practices and makes public private projects more attractive. Van Doorne translates all these developments into actual practice, including those pertaining to local and central authorities, independent administrative bodies and educational institutions.

No matter what kind of company you own, an ideal tax structure is essential. More than ever before, a thorough understanding of tax law is essential. Changes in national and European legislation are following one another in quick succession. Are you ready? How can you limit your tax risk? Are you getting all the tax advantages available to you? Van Doorne offers you innovative tax strategies and guides you in all your tax-related affairs.

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