Complex issues land on the desks of our attorneys at law and tax advisers daily. Effectively resolving them runs in their veins. Preferably by mutual agreement, but, where necessary, not. With a preference for the swift injunction rather than long-winded debate.  Ambitious and assertive. Heavy client commitment. Just what the doctor ordered for those searching for a “robust” solution to their problem. When we started our firm in 2001 our focus was on litigation. But with that little extra as well. Heavyweights from the litigation bar specialised in corporate and securities law, but also with experts in tax law. Starting small yet punching above our weight, we grew fast. Over the past years we have attracted plenty of fresh talent, often from well-known major firms.Clients see us as being on the ball: rapid and solution-oriented. They appreciate our partners’ personal style, our accessibility and clarity.We do not, of course, publish our client list. Confidentiality is fundamental to our operations. But our involvement right at the start in what has been up to now the largest liability class action settlement in the Netherlands speaks volumes.We advised the supervisory board in connection with the largest liquidation seen in the Netherlands in the past decades. We advised a hedge fund in a struggle for a bank that was without precedent in Dutch commercial history. All too often the AFM, the Dutch securities regulator, is left nursing a sore head from what we throw them. In the area of tax we are specialised in national and international planning for companies and for Dutch ultra-high net worth individuals. We lay stress on innovative, yet always doable, solutions with the assistance of topflight foreign law offices where necessary.Spigthoff has now built up a fearsome reputation grounded on quality, an unwavering sense of direction and on being unafraid. Nor are we known for shying away from a fight. A reputation we are proud of.We represent business leaders and corporations. We are at our best in major, complex issues where problems and conflicts need to be solved. This can cover problems with the tax authorities, but also with a company’s stakeholders or with regulatory authorities. Compared to other corporate attorneys at law, we go to litigation more often.Corporate litigation and advice- Corporate litigation and shareholder activism- Commercial litigation and arbitration- Corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, insolvencyFinancial law- Sanctions law and enforcement- Market abuse- Investor disputes- Compliance and support for the compliance function- Structuring investment fundsTax law- National tax law- International tax law- Tax litigation

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