KerkmanLaw is a small independent law firm that provides sophisticated legal services in the areas of corporate law, banking and finance, commercial law and complex international litigation.

Many international businesses in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, capital goods and aviation, rely on our services. Although our client base is North American in scope, we also frequently assist businesses located in French speaking jurisdictions.

Our clients require quality representation and a high level of services, yet appreciate the advantages of a small firm.

We deliver services at a level typical for large international law firms, but at the same time offer the advantages of a ‘boutique’ firm, including the following:
- A reliable and highly personalized approach. The lawyer assigned to you will remain your direct contact throughout your relation with us.
- You will receive from us the same high level of commitment and services, regardless the size or interest of your business.
- We respond to your written and verbal request without delay but in any event within 12 hours.
- A transparent fee structure. Our fee statements are fully transparent and allow you to accurately control legal costs.

We are a member of GESICA, an international network of law firms, and may therefore rely on the legal services of international law firms similar to ours in many countries of the world.

We have a direct and close working relationship with civil law notaries, accountants and fiduciary firms located in The Netherlands, who offer services at the same level as we do.

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Commercial LawCorporate LawLabor and Employment

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