The lawyers and notaries at Lexence work according to the laws of Lexence, which means that we treat each other and our clients differently.No bulky files but fixed deals at Lexence, and no fancy names above the front entrance but partners who keep their feet firmly on the ground. Honesty, professionalism, enthusiasm and transparency are things you can count on when dealing with Lexence.Lexence has legal specialists in the fields of real estate and corporate law, in the preventative as well as in the curative sense. Lexence works with small teams lead by her partners.Lexence is an independent firm that does business on an international level for which we cooperate with independent experts who are, like Lexence, associated with Meritas, a high-quality legal network.The lawyers and notaries at Lexence work according to ‘the law of Lexence’, which means that we treat each other and our clients differently. This particular concept of working together can also be found in the ten laws of Lexence.THE FIRST LAW OF LEXENCE: JUSTICE COULD BE MORE JUSTEvery lawyer works with the same laws and the same justice. This also goes for Lexence, with the distinction that we work without much ado and by no roundabout ways.THE SECOND LAW OF LEXENCE: PARTNERS ARE PARTNERSAlmost all lawyer’s offices have partners, but the question is: are they your partners too? This most certainly is the case at Lexence. Our partners sink their teeth in your case and do not let go until they have brought it to a favorable conclusion.THE THIRD LAW OF LEXENCE: CONTINUE TO RENEW YOURSELFThe lawyers at Lexence use their broad experience without resting on their laurels, which would only slow them down. They have learned from the past but continue to renew themselves, and allow highly gifted people all the space they need.THE FOURTH LAW OF LEXENCE: TO TAKE ON STAR-LIKE AIRS LEADS TO ESTRANGEMENTIn every lawyer’s office you’ll find talented and highly talented people, special people who add luster to the place. At Lexence you will find the latter in abundance, and although they give ‘the biggest bang for the buck’ they do keep their feet firmly on the ground and don’t take on star-like airs.THE FIFTH LAW OF LEXENCE: ENTER THE JUNGLE WELL PREPAREDNo matter how talented you are, it is easy to get lost in the legal jungle. This is why Lexence makes sure that our highly gifted people are armed with all necessary knowledge and skills, before they set off, as independent as possible but always under the guidance of a partner.THE SIXTH LAW OF LEXENCE: LEGAL POWER IS BEST KNOWN WHEN THINGS GET EXCITINGThe corporate law lawyers at Lexence are not afraid of a little excitement or of some stress. They go straight for the goal, always focusing on closing the deal and winning the case.THE SEVENTH LAW OF LEXENCE: TO BE BUSY IS BETTER THAN TO ACT BUSYThe Lawyers at Lexence do not like theatrics, they avoid much ado about nothing and do not let someone pay for something that comes out of one’s own pocket. They prefer to put their shoulders to the wheel for their clients in a simple but efficient way and without the proverbial plum in their mouths.THE EIGHTH LAW OF LEXENCE: KEEPING YOUR FEET SET ON THE GROUND IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HAVING YOUR NAME ON THE FRONTPartners at Lexence are respected but don’t see their names on the front, they would only get rusty. They are partners to work with, not to look up to.THE NINTH LAW OF LEXENCE: A FIXED DEAL BEATS A FAT FILEIt is second nature to Lexence to reduce complex files back to their essence. It saves room and cuts back on our clients’ time and money and on lots of paper.THE TENTH LAW OF LEXENCE: ONLY RELY ON A SOLID, LEGAL FOUNDATIONThe real estate lawyers at Lexence are to be found in the library but also on the building site, not only poring over texts of law but also over building plans. This is how they lay the foundations of fantastic real estate deals.Lexence provides services to organizations operating internationally as well as organizations operating only in the Dutch market. Lexence collaborates intensively with law firms abroad in order to provide the best service to every client every time. This collaboration is made possible by active involvement in the pre-eminent international network, Meritas. Meritas is one of the largest international networks of independent law firms. Michiel van Schooten, one of our partners in Corporate & Commercial law, is a Board member of Meritas.Real Estate- General- Construction- Lease- Real Estate Notarial team- Project Development- Zoning & Environmental lawCorporate & Commercial- General- Employment & Benefits- Corporate Notarial team- Litigation- Transactions

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