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ARTHUR'S LEGAL is a new style law firm, specialising in client tailored proactive legal services for corporations and professionals. It focuses on national and multinational investment, venture capital, high tech, ICT, internet and media companies, as well as other information market and financial market oriented entities.ARTHUR'S LEGAL is based in Amsterdam, the capital and business centre of The Netherlands.ARTHUR'S LEGAL was founded on 1 January 2001 and is managed by Mr Arthur van der Wees. Arthur van der Wees studied and obtained his doctorate degree in business law at Leiden University, the oldest (founded in 1575) and still leading university in The Netherlands.Until 2001, he has practised business law (including corporate, banking, intellectual property right, competition, insolvency, and information and communication technology law) as advocate admitted at the bar of the court of Utrecht. Currently he is admitted at the bar of the court of Amsterdam.ARTHUR'S LEGAL closely cooperates with other independent (national and international) counsellors, strategists and advocates with other or similar specialities as ARTHUR'S LEGAL.ARTHUR'S LEGAL represents national and multinational corporations and professionals, and is proud to be part of their entrepreneurship and its management as their independent legal counsellor, strategist and lawyer.ARTHUR'S LEGAL's practice involves the representation of corporations and professionals at virtually every stage of development and will help a business grow, mature and succeed.ARTHUR'S LEGAL principally focuses on national and multinational high tech, IT and internet companies as well as publishers and other information market oriented entities. Presently ARTHUR'S LEGAL mainly represents corporations and professionals in the markets of High Technology, Research and Development, Design, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, Information & Content, Publishing as well as other markets such as (for instance) Transportation and Wholesale Trade.

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