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Republic of Macedonia has passed through a process of transition from contractual to market economy, changing its political organization, increasing its international presence. These changes have also affected the scope of interest of the international business community and international investors. The prospectus of the country on the international market was changed. In today's Republic of Macedonia you need a law firm that provides prompt, well-reasoned, and sound legal advice so you can make the right decisions to buy or invest and take appropriate actions.When you cooperate with the attorneys at Polenak Law Firm you receive full-service law firm recognized in its jurisdiction in many practice areas. Our dedication to maintaining and growing a wide range of practice areas, all within the firm, enables us to offer the legal assistance needed to address client's needs. It is a privilege to continue the tradition of rendering legal services, established by our founders since 1946, when the first law office with the name of Polenak was founded. We have constantly, ever since, maintained a high level of quality legal service. Today, we are one of the leading law firms in the Republic of Macedonia in many practice areas. Polenak Law Firm’s practice comprises major mergers and acquisitions involving international investors, preparation of legal due diligence reports, creation of banks, establishing insurance and leasing companies, trade and production companies, hospitals and medical care institutions, commercial, civil and criminal litigations, financial transactions, loans and enforcements, employment issues, preparation and review of contracts, real estate transactions, share transfers, protection of consumers; competition issues, telecommunications. Professional personnel are a condition for prompt and sound service. In Polenak Law Firm we believe that our ability to meet the needs of our clients is fully supported by our non-legal staff. We also believe that there should be no language barrier for our clients. Therefore translators in all world languages are always available for sound translation from languages not spoken by our attorneys.Polenak Law Firm is recognized as a practice leader in many areas of the law.We provide:- General consultation and advice in the Firm's areas of practice.- Analysis of laws and regulations regarding areas applicable to the interest of our clients and their transactions.- Analysis of changes and amendments in laws and regulations, as they affect the client.- Representation of companies and physical persons at the courts in Republic of Macedonia.- Representation at ministries, municipalities, governmental agencies and other agencies.- Legal due diligence of companies.- Registrations and fillings of applications in connection with creation of companies, various organizational changes of corporate nature.- Registration and renewal of registration of intellectual property, trademarks and copyright.- Permanent and complete representing and legal advice to production and commercial companies, institutes and firms from the country and from abroad.- Registrations of employees, registration in the statistic's bureau, registration for VAT, opening accounts and other actions necessary for launching the operations of a new company.- Legal Assistance in share transfers and contacts with brokerage houses.- Finding investment opportunities in Republic of Macedonia.

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