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Our partnership of lawyers was formed in 1978 as one of the first partnerships of lawyers in Liechtenstein and is today part of Liechtenstein’s leading firms. We are following a long-standing tradition in the legal profession - now in the fourth generation -, which started in the early 20th century in Innsbruck with Dr. Martin Ritter and was continued with Dr. iur et Dr. rer. pol. Friedrich Ritter in the 1950s in Liechtenstein. We can therefore look back to extensive experience in consulting and representation in court.The considerable changes which the Principality of Liechtenstein has experienced since 1945 have also had a large influence on our activities as lawyers, the international economic upswing of the post-war years having a lasting influence on our field of activities, in particular in the field of financial services. This tendency to specialise in view of the ever-increasing complexity of cases, has led to the development of high standing expertise in the areas of corporate law, foundation and trust law, banking and finance, law on investment vehicles as well as administrative law and mutual legal assistence law. Beside we offer a long standing experience in litigation and arbitration. In our consulting activities, it is our supreme objective to come to tailored, individual, and economically feasible solutions for our clients. We offer our clients – on request – to provide them with leagl updates in the fields which they are interested in. For international cases we can relay on a network of renonwed law firms and auditors.Litigation and Arbitration- Litigation before Liechtenstein courts in civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional matters- Litigation before national and international arbitration courts- Acting as arbitrators in national and international arbitration Company, Foundation and Trust Law- Advising companies, trusts and foundations- Advice on re-structuring and take-overs- Advice on formation of entities under Liechtenstein law in connection with Banking and FinanceAdvice to investors, banks and issuers of marketable securities in all aspects of banking and capital markets law as well as in connection with regulatory questionsAsset Management and Investment Funds- Advice on the set up and structuring of asset management companies and investment funds- Advice of asset managers and investment funds and their clientsLabour LawAdvising of employers and employees in all respects of labour lawInheritance and Family Law- Estate planning- Wills- Acting as executor- Divorce and almony- Contracts between spousesReal Estate- Drafting of contracts- Advice on tenancy lawBankruptcy and Execution- Representation of creditors- Recovery of assets- Execution law Administrative Law- Trade law- Immigration- Transport law- Construction lawLegal Assistance Law- Representation in legal assistance cases- Representation in administrative aid under the Market Abuse Act. Insurance Law- Advice on the set up of insurance companies- General advice in all aspects of insurance lawIP Law- Trademarks- Unfair competition- Copyright law Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)ADR is a dispute resolution out of court in which the parties work out together a legally binding solution with the help of a neutral mediatorThe advantages of ADR consist in,- its quickness and cost efficency in comparison to court proceedings- the fact that the focus is on finding a positive solution for the future- the fact that the focus not on the parties’ controversial positions, but on their needs and interests beyond their disagreement- maintaining the privacy of the involved persons/institutionsRitter & Wohlwend is specialized in ADR in economic affairs, where we act as mediators in disputes between employers and employees and disputes between business partners

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