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OUR 50-YEAR TRACK RECORD SHOWS: OUR SUCCESS SERVES YOU RIGHT.For fifty years, our domestic and international clients have relied on us for sustainable and long-term solutions – solutions which we develop with a team of experienced attorneys. In this process, we benefit from our proven and time-tested relations with the most prestigious law firms in all countries of the world with which we have been working successfully for decades. We always take pains to offer immediate and efficient help. We are especially committed to transnational issues, which require a high level of foreign language proficiency and a sound financial and business understanding. Every issue creates an extraordinary challenge for each of us. But we are confident that, together with our clients, we can master every challenge:ONE OF THE LARGEST INDEPENDENT LAW FIRMS IN LIECHTENSTEIN.Most attorneys in Liechtenstein practice and act exclusively as trustees. They specialize in the formation and management of domiciled companies and holding companies. They usually do not offer forensic services, i.e., consulting and representation of clients before courts of law and authorities. We, however, dedicate ourselves exclusively to playing the “classic” attorney’s role, which has allowed us to preserve our independence. This benefits our clients especially in disputes involving trust transactions (foundations, institutions, trusts, liability of administrative boards, securing of assets etc.). Nevertheless, our attorneys are still well trained in trust transactions, and they are familiar with the tricks and errors on which the success of a legal proceeding depends. As a law firm offering purely forensic services, we are not only one of the oldest but also the largest law firms in Liechtenstein.WELL-ROUNDED FOR OVER 50 YEARS.Of course we have developed strong specializations over the years. But we attach great importance to providing comprehensive service to our numerous clients, both domestic and international – exactly the way we did fifty years ago when our firm was founded. Our areas of specialization are therefore not limited to a select few. Continued education and training of our team in all areas of the law is considered a must in our firm. And we are even intent on contributing to an enrichment of Liechtenstein law by way of scientific contributions. For many years – and now jointly with one of the largest trust companies in Liechtenstein, the First Advisory Group – we have been publishing the quarterly “Memo to Clients” in German, English, French and Italian – a vehicle in which we discuss current trends or court decisions pertinent to Liechtenstein law. The complete set of our "Memo to Clients" is posted on our website, together with search indexes, so you can quickly and easily get an overview of our legal system.Our last publication was the first introduction to Liechtenstein civil and arbitration proceedings (Litigation and Arbitration in Liechtenstein, Staempfli Verlag Bern 2004), which we co-authored with the former president of the Liechtenstein Supreme Court.Asset Planning, Trust and Estate LawThe area of asset planning and estate law, in particular trusts, counts among the core competencies of the Law Office of Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser. The establishment of Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, institutions, stock corporations and complex international structures designed for optimum asset planning is handled in conjunction with First Advisory Group. Asset planning comprises estate planning for individuals as well as the preservation of enterprises. We consult and see our clients through the formation and implementation process of corporations and structures. Before the courts, we represent foundation councils and administrative boards to protect the corporations and structures, as well as beneficiaries asserting claims vis-à-vis corporations and structures. For example:- Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, institutions, stock corporations and other associations- Legal claims by and against beneficiaries, corporations and trustees- Representation of forced heirs- Asset and estate planning (last wills, testamentary contracts, prenuptial agreements etc.)- Company re-organization, including management of issues arising in the succession of private companiesLitigation and ArbitrationIf the parties cannot arrive at an amicable solution, we represent our clients in all areas mentioned above before Liechtenstein courts, administrative authorities and arbitration courts. Often, Liechtenstein procedural law offers a number of possibilities for enforcing a claim, which is why the search for the optimal solution can be key. Arbitration courts play a major role in the area of trust and corporate law because they allow for absolute protection of confidentiality and abbreviated proceedings. A recent English publication of our law offices deals with the topic of civil and arbitration proceedings in Liechtenstein and is designed to help our clients and communicating lawyers to get an idea of the “legal process” in Liechtenstein.- Representation in all civil and commercial court proceedings before all Liechtenstein courts of all instances- Representation for prosecution, debt collection proceedings and “Rechtsöffnungsverfahren“ (“release/discharge proceedings“, summary intermediate proceedings within the executory process for the collection of debts; French “mainlevée") as well as enforcement of judgment measures- Representation in arbitration proceedings (ad hoc, ICC, Uncitral etc.)- Liability of administrative boards (foundation council, administrative board and trustees etc.)- Representation in administrative proceedings and before the State Constitutional Court (supreme constitutional court)- Preparation of expert opinions on trial prospectsCorporate and Commercial LawIn this area, the Law Office of Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser not only guides the formation and implementation of corporations and structures, conjointly with the First Advisory Group, but it also advises and represents corporations and enterprises in national and international mergers. In this process, we develop agreements for the merging corporations, the shareholders or the administrative boards and conduct the legal due diligence. In the event of the termination of a company or structure, we handle the liquidation or bankruptcy. In commercial law, we prepare contracts in the area of licenses, franchise agreements, intellectual property rights and participations. In addition to these, the law of the Internet also plays an increasingly significant role. Several team members of the Law Office of Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser specialize in cyberlaw. The specific areas of expertise within corporate and commercial law are:- Domestic and international mergers & acquisitions- Legal due diligence- Company formations, company re-organization, joint ventures and shareholder agreements (voting trust agreements- License, franchise, distributorship and other commercial contracts- Product liability- Labor law- Internet and domain law- TelecommunicationLegal OpinionsLiechtenstein corporations and structures are often contractual partners in another country. In order to guarantee that these transactions are binding to, enforceable and executable against the Liechtenstein contractual partner as well, we are regularly approached to issue expert opinions our clients can rely on. But we also prepare expert opinions on other specific topics. The violation of rights to a compulsory portion or liability of Liechtenstein administrative boards is but a small selection of the typical topics covered in our opinions.Banking and Finance LawConsulting and representation of banks, trust companies and financial companies are some of the core competencies of the Law Office of Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser. We represent and serve several Liechtenstein and foreign banks. Our responsibilities include formations, mergers and acquisitions of banks and insurance companies. For the daily financial business, we prepare contracts, terms and conditions and legal opinions. The international integration of Liechtenstein as a financial center brings about more and more specific problems in the launching of investment companies and funds, and we advise and represent the fund management vis-à-vis the authorities.- Formation and re-organization of banks- Protection of creditors, venture capital and stocks and stock exchange matters- Financial market supervision- Mutual funds- Bank products, including prospectus liability- Consumer protection- Equity participation for employeesProfessional Due DiligenceLiechtenstein as a financial center has adopted an international orientation and is characterized by global interconnections. The Law Office of Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser utilizes these connections and sees international financial transactions and trust transactions through with their clients in legal terms. Issues regarding the prevention and fight against money laundering, insider dealings, mutual assistance in criminal matters as well as bank secrecy offences, which require planning ahead, can also arise in this context. A great number of banks, trust companies and financial companies rely on our decade-long experience and our international network.White Collar Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal MattersThe control of white collar crime and money laundering is probably the most important objective pursued by Liechtenstein as a financial and bank center today. But one of the negative side-effects of the extensive efforts on the part of state authorities to ensure a clean financial center is the criminal prosecution of businesspeople and private individuals wrongly accused and suspected of such crimes. To represent and defend them in court as well as in the co

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