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The professionalism and skills of over 25 qualified lawyers are available to provide expert assistance on not only everyday matters but also on complex and extraordinary operations. Thanks to its specific areas of specialisation, daily experience, proficiency in foreign languages and the support of a vast network of trusted correspondents, our firm has a special international vocation.COMMERCIAL, COMPANY AND CONTRACT LAW- Commercial distribution (sale and purchase, supply, distribution, agency, commercial consultancy, business procurement, general conditions of sale)- Real estate transactions- Calls to tender (private and public) of assets and services- Articles and Memoranda of Association, shareholders' agreements, consortiums, joint-ventures- Sale and Purchase of companies and shareholdings- Commercial and financial leasing- Business dealings (Framework Agreements, Letters of Intent, Confidentiality Agreements)- Company reorganisation, family covenants and generational handovers.- Leveraged and management buy outs- Extraordinary and corporate finance operations (mergers, transformations, demergers)- Commercial and corporate arbitrationLABOUR, TRADE UNION AND SOCIAL SECURITY LAWConsultancy, Contracts and Litigation in questions of:- Trade Union Law- Participation in union bargaining- Guidance in the preparation of bargaining and management strategies egotiating collective company contracts- Interpreting national, territorial and company collective contracts- Consultation and information proceduresLabour law:- Questions of labour law as concerns reorganisation processes.- Company transfers- Due Diligence on all aspects of labour law, agency contracts, trade union law and wage-related treatment of tax and social security mattersManagement of labour contracts- Applying disciplinary sanctions- Transfers, change in job profiles and other conditions of labour contracts- Individual and collective dismissals, CIGS (extraordinary wage guarantee fund) and "mobilità" (cushioned dismissals) procedures- Procedures for the management of privacy and the use of IT and e-mail tools.Drafting labour contracts- Drafting labour contracts for each job category: executives, middle-managers, employees, works in different sectors and with various tasks- Drafting special clauses: non-competition, confidentiality, secrecy, and stability agreements as well as agreements to prevent personnel poaching, and to regulate employees' interpretation of employment contractsManagement of pay policies- Bonus schemes- Stock option plans- Planning judicial labour issues with regard to M&A operations- Reorganisations- Outsourcing- Tender contractsPension and social security law- Contribution- Obligatory insurance premiums- Challenging tax assessment notices- Relations with public and private bodies- Administrative litigation proceduresTRADEMARKS, PATENTS, ANTI-TRUST AND COMPETITION LAWConsultancy, Contracts and Litigation in questions of:- Patents for industrial inventions and models- atents for ornamental patterns/designs- Trademarks- Data Banks- Domain names- Copyright- SW programs- Industrial design- Advertising- Publishing- Unfair competition- Antitrust- Technology and know-how transfersCOMMUNITY AND INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT LAWConsultancy, Contracts and Litigation on matters concerning:- "Commercial distribution" involving imports and exports (sale and purchase, supply, distribution, agency, commercial consultancy, brokerage, business procurement, general conditions of sale)- Corporate and infra-company relations and foreign joint ventures Sale and Purchase of foreign companies and shareholdings- Business dealings with foreign counterparts (Framework Agreements, Letters of Intent, Confidentiality Agreements)- Setting up of foreign branches and companies (Articles of Association, shareholders' agreements, management agreements)- Commercial and corporate joint-ventures and cooperation- International tenders- International arbitration- European Commission authorising procedures- Community anti-trust, state aid and anti-dumping law- Investments in East Europe and the Far EastENVIRONMENTAL LAWConsultancy, defence, proceedings, acts and drafting contracts on:- Emissions to Air and wastewater disposal- reatment and recycling of waste/by-products- Reclamation and remediation of polluted sites- Acoustic and electro-magnetic pollution- Significant accident risks- Environmental impact assessment- Public hygiene, usability, implementation of industrial processes that represent health hazards- Environmental damage and associated insurance problems- Mining operations and soil conservation- Environmental and local taxes and charges- Building and associated town and territorial planning problems (acoustic zoning, traffic plans)- Access to environmental information and administrative acts- Service conferences and programme agreements- Environmental due diligence CORPORATE PENAL LAWConsultancy, defence, acts and proceedings on:- Entrepreneurial crime and bankruptcies- Responsibilities of public and private bodies for offences committed by directors and employees- Offences in the area of labour contracts- Environmental offences and safety at work- Construction, town planning and landscape violations- Industrial property, competition, confidentiality and corporate image- Crimes against public safety and property, the economy and the public faith- Crimes against persons- Crimes against the public administration and the administration of justice- Tax crimes- Administrative sanctionsADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND REAL ESTATE LAWAssistance in and out-of-court on:- Access to administrative acts- Tenders (construction works, services, procurement and special sectors)- Cultural and landscape heritage- State property- Commerce- Construction- Local government- Public bodies- Expropriations- Ports- Administrative proceedings and shareholding- Project Financing- Administrative sanctions- Public-owned company- Tourism- Town planningReal estate development operations:- Programme agreements- Planning agreements- Service conferences- Related aspects of commercial and civil law- Single management of civil and administrative profilesHYGIENE AND SAFETY AT WORKConsultancy, defence, acts and proceedings on:- Law on accident prevention and hygiene at work- Safety in public and private contracts and on building sites- Safety and hygiene in food production- Safety and hygiene in dock and maritime work- Safety of equipment- Fire prevention- Hazardous substances and products- Product responsibility and relative insurance problems- Pension, insurance and labour law questions related to the foregoing subjects- Due diligence on safety at workBANKRUPTCY LAW, MANAGEMENT OF CORPORATE CRISES AND REORGANISATIONSConsultancy and Litigation in questions of:- Composition with creditors- Arrangements with creditors in bankruptcy- Debt rescheduling agreements- Out-of-court composition with creditors- Company reorganisation- Actions to prevent the diminuition of debtor's estate by his fraud

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