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Ceccon & Associates (former Studio degli Avvocati Agostoni - Ceccon & Associates) was established in Padua on November 1st, 2000 and is the result of the past experience of its Founder Partners, Roberto Ceccon—who started his 20-year experience in international law at Studio Avvocato Ercole Graziadei in Milan—Ilaria Bartolucci and Paolo Agostoni—prematurely departed on April 29th, 2001. A wide network of contacts and a pluriennal co-operation with state, public and private companies, financial institutions and Italian and foreign professionals have enabled to start a firm settling itself as a trustworthy and competent legal pole in the commercially sophisticated and fast developing North-East of Italy.The Firm focuses on various areas of the law, thus fully responding to the complex needs of domestic and international management. Therefore, the Firm and is able to offer a wide range of legal services, in line with its own international vocation, also through its direct links with multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional firms in Italy and worldwide. The Firm operates in Italy also through its associated offices in Milan, Rome, Torino e London (Martinez e Novebaci Studio Legale Associato), in Dubai (Habib Al Mulla and Co Advocates and Legal Consultants) in Budapest (Kurucz-Kovats Ugyvedi Iroda) and in Shangai (JunZeJunLaw Offices) , and can rely on the support of very distinguished of counsels and academicians. Acquisitions and Extraordinary TransactionsThe Firm can rely on a long experience in Acquisitions and Extraordinary Transactions, based on its operations in important deals in the North-East of Italy, and it can provide counselling in all the phases of such transactions (due diligence, negotiation, draft and execution of agreements). The counselling activity is always performed by a qualified team, the number of professionals involved varying according to the complexity of the transaction. Where appropriate, the Firm can avail itself of the most qualified consultants to focus on all aspects of management, accounting and business analysis of buyer-companies, and of important financial institutions for the organization of the resources necessary for the investments.Agency and DistributorshipAttorneys in the Firm have a long experience in the drafting and negotiation of agency and distributorship agreements, with particular reference to fashion and industrial products. The Firm has acted as counsel to famous Italian companies owning important trademarks and involved in worldwide-oriented business transactions. As to agency agreements, particular attention is paid to relationships between companies and/or agents operating on the Italian territory and abroad.AntitrustThe Firm’s attorneys have experience in this important field of the law, including counselling and litigation involving state and EU antitrust-regulation statutes. Arbitration and ADRThe Firm’s overriding goal is to resolve disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible, with the best possible result for its clients. Consistent with that goal, particular attention is paid to arbitration proceedings, domestic and international, for which the Firm can rely on the broad experience of its Founder Partner Roberto Ceccon, professor of International Arbitration at the Faculty of Law, University of Trento. Roberto Ceccon is also fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London, of the American Arbitration Association in New York and former Secretary General of the Venice International Chamber of ArbitrationLitigationThe Firm pursues litigation comprehensively with particular emphasis on commercial and corporate matters. It places great importance on commercial objectivity, emphasising that a problem should be viewed not in isolation but in the context of the clients’ best commercial interests, for the purposes of avoiding groundless actions. It is internationally minded and has contacts to pursue and defend actions worldwide. The Firm offers assistance in all aspects of commercial/contract litigation (including debt recovery), both in Italy and abroad.ContractsThe Firm provides consultation and assistance to individuals and companies in the negotiation, drafting and review of international contracts. Many common problems can be avoided at the contract negotiation stage by paying careful attention to the details of the agreement, the identification of potential or recurring “trouble spots”, and the clarification of the parties’ responsibilities with respect to such issues. It is in fact vital that all contracts are both commercially viable and enforceable. An understanding of the commercial environment in which the client is operating is important, and the Firm members’ experience over many years has brought it into contact with a great variety of different commercial concerns.Aviation LawThe Firm is specialised in the negotiation, drafting and review of lease agreements, sale and purchase agreements, loan agreements, joint ventures, code sharing, regarding aircrafts. It has acted as counsel to the major regional airline companies and has acted as counsel in many litigations regarding the applicability of EC Regulation no. 261/04 and of the Montreal Convention of 1999Administrative LawThe Firm provides services to public companies as well as to private companies in the field of utilities. In particular the Firm, in cooperation with its of counsels, handles contractual issues related to calls for bids, tenders, placement of public participations, public infrastructures. European Union LawThe Firm, through its network, is fully conversant with all aspects of EU Law relevant to business clients and in particular to competition rules. It also has long experience of commercial transactions within the EU, and can call upon the expertise within its network of experienced business lawyers in other EU countries.BankruptcyThe Firm is prepared to give full assistance in such field of the law to small- and medium-sized companies and is fully conversant with arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy petitions and the restructuring of insolvent companies. In particular the Firm is often involved as consultant in extraordinary procedures pursuant to Law so called "Prodi bis".FinanceThe Firm provides counsel to clients involved with financing capital projects by both public sector entities and financial institutions. It provides its clients practical legal counsel to assist them in making informed business judgements. In particular, the Firm can rely on the experience of a qualified expert in banks and banking, and former bank manager in the Lombardia, the most developed Italian industrial areaInternational Business LawThe Firm provides advice on all aspects of business law — from the establishment of a new business to the multi-faceted needs of corporations — by offering a comprehensive service so to enable the client to solve the problems regarding the development of the company around the world. Fiscal and financial matters are accurately addressed at all phases, and the transactions performed by clients are accurately examined, where appropriate, also in collaboration with the Firm’s of-counsels. The Firm offers advice on the international aspects on a range of topics including: corporate transactions, international fiscal plans, corporate restructuring, shareholders’ agreements, insolvency and disposition.Corporate LawThe Firm can offer a wide range of services relating to the management, acquisition, disposition and sale of companies and participations. Attorneys in the Firm serve as a significant resource to many domestic and foreign companies and individuals, offering their business experience, technical knowledge and a worldwide network of domestic and international contacts in multi-faceted commercial operations as, for instance, M&A, IPO, etc. The Firm is also fully prepared to deal with situations involving criminal corporate law.FranchisingAttorneys in the Firm have developed broad experience in the filed by giving assistance to major Italian and foreign companies operating Franchising. The Firm has moreover been requested by the University of Padua to hold lectures on this specific matters at the Master in Transnational Commercial Law.Real Estate InvestmentsThe Firm operates in the advising on real estate investments both in Italy and abroad, with particular regard to the analysis, negotiation and draft of preliminary sale and purchase agreements, exchange, acquisition and disposition of building areas. It also operates in the field of real estate in the Hemirates market through the Law Firm Habib Al Mulla & Co. In Dubai.PrivatisationsPrivatisations is a particularly interesting area of practice for the Firm. For this purpose, it has fostered the development of new professional skills which are a fundamental aspect of a truly complete legal service to public entities oriented towards local privatisation. The Firm proposes itself as the core of a suitable professional assistance to Municipalities and Provinces and to the other public entities in Veneto which are interested in their own present or future privatisation, both formal and substantial.Intellectual PropertyThe Firm is fully conversant with Intellectual Property Rights as referred to specific activities by companies. Particular assistance can be offered on issues concerning the validity of patents and trademarks through the co-operation with well-known, competent technicians for the purpose of giving specific and comprehensive opinion and assistance in disputes over intellectual property, including trademarks, copyright, patents, registered designs and know-how. The Firm has also competence in the management of litigation regarding Intellectual PropertyWills, Trusts and EstatesThe Firm can assist its clients, through its of-counsels, in succession and inheritance matters and i

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