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BB&PARTNERS Law Firm – is the association of the Law Firm Balestra Orione Vaccari, traditionally based in Genoa, with the Law Firm of Leghorn Batini & Associates.Law Firm Balestra Orione Vaccari has been founded over thirty years ago by the professor of maritime law Nicola Balestra,  who still leads it. During the years the Firm met few transformations and it holds the present shape since the year 1998.The Law Firm Batini & Associates was created in 1960. by the founder Avv. Giuseppe Batini, still leading it. The Firm was already specialised in banking and commercial law when Alberto Batini, son of the founder,  joined the Firm and improved the maritime business opening a network of  local offices and correspondents in all the main ports of  Italy.In 2006, after a long period of cooperation, the two Firms decided to unify  their respective synergies and competences in order to create this new network working under the name BB&PARTNERS Law Firm.BB&PARTNERS Law Firm now avails of over 20 in-house lawyers displaced in four main offices in Genoa, Leghorn, Milan and Ravenna as well as of an extended network of  local correspondents in the main Italian ports and in the more important international business centres  with a special focus on the eastern countries like Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary. The Firm also avails of in-house Russian, Romanian and Hungarian speaking lawyers and assistants.BB&PARTNERS Law Firm provides the Clients with a tailor made legal assistance both for litigation and consultancy through the areas of national and international commercial and maritime law with a strong international orientation.Due to the in-house skills and the extended network of correspondents, BB&PARTNERS Law Firm provides worldwide specialised legal services, among the others,  on shipping law, corporate law, m&a, finance, sale & purchase of ships, real estates and commodities,  shipbuilding, sale, purchase and building of pleasure yachts, insurance, taxation, international finance, property, trademarks and patents.BB&PARTNERS Law Firm also supplies advice and assistance in the establishment and management of limited liability companies both in Italy and in many other European and not European Countries as vehicles for local and international investments.BB&PARTNERS Law Firm plays in the international business market with a complete but flexible structure  which has been developed during the years always keeping the vocation as a family oriented firm which can provide a tailor made and customised service to the Clients.This philosophy, fully shared by all the partners and assistants who have joined the Firm during the years, enables us to proudly say that with BB&PARTNERS Law Firm “…TRADITION MEETS INNOVATION…”.BB & PARTNERS RANGE OF PRACTICE AREASSHIPPING AND TRASPORT- Cargo insurers and owners- Shipowners- Charterers- Shipbuilders- Freight forwarders- Hauliers- Liability insurers- Salvage and collision- Carriage of goods- Passengers claims- General average- Marine insurance- Ship finance- PollutionINSURANCE- Personal injury- Professional indemnity- Transport liabilityCORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL- Mergers and acquisitions- Group reorganisation- Demergers- Contracts of distribution and agency- Agreements- Intellectual property and licensing- Television rights- EC regulation and compensation law- CompetitionTAX- Corporate and individual taxation including company reorganisations- Employee remuneration packages- Equity incentive schemes/real estate planning- Accounting services- International tax planning- Custom- V.A.T. and indirect taxesCOMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS- Commercial contracts- Banking- Commodities- Trading- Sale of goods- Debt recovery and injunctions- International arbitral bodiesINTERNATIONAL TRADE, COMMODITIES AND ASSET FINANCE- Commodities- Countertrade- Asset finance- Project finance- Drafting of contracts and agreementsHEALTHCARE/MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE- Litigation- Medical malpractice claims- Employment- Commercial contractsEMPLOYMENT- Employment contracts- Wrongful and unfair dismissal- Immmigration- Accidents at work- Safety regulationsPROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION- Contractors- RentalsENVIROMENT- Contaminated lands and waters- Waste issues- PollutionFAMILY LAW- Divorce- Successions- Trust- Heritage- Professional liability

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