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PRESENTATIONThe Rossello-Squeri Law Firm - with its selected and qualified professionals who can provide both excellent assistance in Court and specialized and customized assistance in out-of-Court proceedings and consultancy - operates in the field of Civil and Commercial Law, mainly focusing on assistance and consultancy services for firms as well as boasting a long-established vocation for international relations.AREAS OF EXCELLENCE.Our Firm is proud of its excellent know-how in such areas as Shipping Law, Transport Law (national and international transport, sea, air, road, multimodal) and transport insurance matters, in relation to which it is a trustee for large national and international Companies, Insurance Law (professional liability; credit insurance; reinsurance), as well as Computer and IT Law (computer contracts, protection of software and related litigations, intellectual and industrial property, also concerning databases and multimedia works, etc.) and E-Commerce Law (Internet Provider's contracts and liability, domain names, juridical and contractual E-Commerce issues, etc.).In such specific areas of competence - to which Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law must also be added - assistance in litigations (both out-of-Court and in Court and all its aspects: precautionary measures, ordinary jurisdictions and arbitrations) is equally accompanied by legal consultancy work (in relation to contracts and in particular to Informatics Law issues, International Trade Contracts, insurance and transport matters, advisory services for firms, etc.).THE VOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND THE MISSION.All our attorneys speak and write English, as well as other EU languages.Our philosophy is that of offering our clients the best possible assistance and consultancy work, which is why we often work in groups. Our priorities are the quality of the service, diligence and reliability.Thanks to the cooperation and best-frienship with another law firm, our effective size is by now 15 lawyers and 8 trainees. We have chosen not to have a large law office in order to match the needs of our clients who often request a very customized service and a direct and personal assistance (not delegated) from the specialists who follow their cases.Our law office is equipped with the most up-to-date IT and research technology, and it uses a broad, complete and reliable network of correspondents around Italy, all the EU countries and the USA, so as to provide assistance not only in Italy, but also on an international level, in order to face the challenges of globalisation.ORGANIZATION AND OPERATIVITY.Our office is open throughout the year on working days from 8.45 am to 8 pm (Monday to Friday), and from 9.30 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.Our fees are according to the professional rates applied in Italy, considering the complexity of the issues proposed, the disputed values and the results obtained in favour of the Client, as well as other elements such as the size of the documentation to be examined, the specific competencies of the Firm's members in the required fields, and the urgency with which our assistance has been requested and provided. Alternatively, upon the Client's request, it is possible to apply an hourly based rate, that is to be agreed individually from case to case.It is our policy to keep the Client constantly informed not only on the development of each case, but also on the assistance costs related to the service that is being provided.In the next few pages, you will be able to find more detailed information on our specific competencies and on each of the Firm's members.SHIPPING LAW. TRANSPORT LAW AND TRANSPORT INSURANCE LAW.Thanks to the Firm's founder's experience that spans nearly thirty years, an experience that that he has transmitted to his younger collaborators, our Firm possesses an excellent know-how in Shipping Law and Transport Law (national and international transport, sea, air, road, multimodal) and in Transport Insurance Law, where it is a trustee for large national and international insurance Companies. It is a member of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (L.M.A.A.), and has handled important arbitrations in this field.More in details, the specific expertise of the firm in field concerns:- carriage of goods and transport insurance (sea, air, road, multimodal; national and international);- logistic;- forwarding;- liability of carrier and forwarder;- charterparty, bill of lading, cargo claims;- arrest of ships;- shipbuilding, financing and shiprepair contracts; sale and purchase of ships;- shiprepairers'liability and insurance;- salvage;- liability of registration authorities;- international commerce and trading (international sale of goods; distribution and license agreements; documentary credit; trade guarantees);- litigation, domestic and international arbitration in the a. m. fields.INSURANCE LAW.In the wider field of Insurance Law, the Firm deals with professional liability insurance, credit insurance and reinsurance matters. It also offers advisory services for firms in the drawing up of contracts.More in details, the specific expertise of the firm in the field concerns:- insurance of management (D&O) and auditors' liability;- credit insurance;- shiprepairer's and shipbuilder's liability;- industrial risks insurance;- IT risk;- products'liability;- reinsurance.- litigation, domestic and international arbitration in the a. m. fields.COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL LAW.In the area of Commercial Law, the Firm has a wide experience in the transfer and acquisition of companies and shares, and also, more generally, in M&As (mergers, acquisitions, divisions); liability actions against managers and auditors; preparation of corporate agreements; corporate contracts (national and international sales contracts; distribution contracts; franchising; leasing; use licenses; public and private contracts; real estate agreements). In these fields, the firm can offer its clients thorough assistance, from the negotiation phase to the determination of the most suitable contract type, the drawing up of the contract and the subsequent management of the contractual relationship. In the field of Industrial Law, the Firm's know-how is highly specialized in contracts related to industrial property rights, copyrights and know-how, and in litigations on trademarks, patents and intellectual property, particularly in the fields of Internet and IT Law.More in details, the specific expertise of the firm in the field concerns:- M&A;- liability of management and auditors; liability of auditing corporations;- corporate agreements;- business contracts (national and international sale; distribution and licensing agreements; franchising; leasing; know-how and technology transfer; joint ventures);- private and public building contract;- intellectual property;- trademarks, geographical indications, indications of origin, domain names;- unfair competition;- litigation, domestic and international arbitration in the a. m. fields.BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS.Assistance to firms in the pre-bankruptcy phase (preparation of extra-judicial and judicial agreements, such as arrangements with creditors and debt re-structuring agreements). Assistance to receiverships for all litigation-related issues:- repeals;- liability actions against management of bankrupted companies;- asset recovery actions;- denial of insolvency, etc.INFORMATICS, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND E-COMMERCE LAW.In this specific field, the Firm's founder, after repeated research periods in the United States, in the Eighties, elaborated the first Italian scientific contributions dedicated to IT-contracts, software protection and E-commerce. Such scientific studies have been enriched by his legal experience, both in the area of litigations (related to software, database and protection of multimedia works, as well as to domain names), and in the advisory activity related to drawing up E-commerce contracts. The founder has been Professor of "Informatics Law" at the University of Genoa since 1993, and a member of the scientific committee and professor in the C.I.R.S.F.I.D. Master in "New Technologies Law" at the University of Bologna, Italy.More in details, the specific expertise of the firm in this field concerns:- patent and copyright, both for legal advise in registration and litigation for infringment;- software protection and related litigation;- computer contracts (software development, licensing, distribution, leasing, escrow; falicity management; IT outsourcing contract);- know-how and /or technology transfer and Non Disclosure Agreements;- Internet Service Providers's contracts and liability;- E-Commerce (agreements for development of web portals; access and hosting agreements; check of conformity with the EU regulation of E-Commerce);- Data protection EU regulation;- IT Procurement;- litigation, domestic and international arbitration in the a. m. field.REAL ESTATE.The Firm regularly offers advisory services and assistance in Real Estate matters, in relation to important purchase operations of large estates, and particularly in the feasibility and transparency verification, as well as the legal admissibility of the operations.ARBITRATION.The Firm's founder has a wide experience in arbitrations, both as president of arbitration panels and as a party arbitrator in ad hoc arbitrations and administered arbitrations. He is an accredited member of the following national and international arbitration institutions:- A.I.A. (Associazione Italiana per l'arbitrato - Italian Association for Arbitration), Rome;- Camera Arbitrale Nazionale e Internazionale di Milano (National and International Arbitration Chamber of Milan);- International Chamber of Commerce, Italian section, Rome;- Camera Arbitrale per i Contratti Pubblici (Arbitration Chamber for Public Contracts) (Rome);- L.M.A.A., London Maritime Arbitrato

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