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Meeting companies’ needs, in a spirit of complete openness and service, while maintaining the independence and highest standards of the legal profession; sharing fully with clients and colleagues the chosen course of action.Studio Legale Morresi, with offices in Bologna, Treviso and Bruxelles, provides legal services to companies of various sizes in connection with a wide range of transactions and represents and assists companies in litigation and arbitration, availing itself of a network of correspondents in Italy and around the world.The majority of the firm's work is in the fields of commercial law, company law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and antitrust law, administrative law, industrial cooperation, and transfer of technology, in particular with respect to European Union law. In these areas the firm provides both advice in structuring and carrying out commercial transactions and assistance in litigation and arbitration.In carrying out its consulting activities, the firm drafts contracts and other legal documents and assists the client with negotiations and conclusion of the transaction. For example, clients interested in distributing their products abroad or in improving their existing domestic or international distribution networks are first assisted in selecting the method or methods of distribution best tailored to their particular needs and then in implementing their choice through appropriate contracts.Although these services are provided by the firm in the hope of avoiding future litigation, in anticipation of the very real possibility that disputes may arise, clients are advised on the various methods of dispute resolution available as alternatives to litigation, such as mediation and arbitration, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each such option.Where disputes do arise, the firm offers its clients strategic advice regarding how best to prepare for judicial or arbitration proceedings and assists the client throughout these proceedings. To this end, the firm provides information necessary or useful to decision-making, and carries out the tasks of drafting pleadings and representing the client in court or before arbitration bodies both in Italy and abroad (some members of the firm have had direct experience as arbitrators and are therefore able to share with the client the insight gained from these experiences). In proceedings before foreign courts, the firm works closely with foreign counsel in connection with both the making of strategic choices and the drafting of pleadings. -The firm has significant experience in the area of European Union law and its members have acted as counsel in numerous major cases before the Court of First Instance and the European Court of Justice. Through its Brussels office, the firm frequently represents the Commission of the European Communities in legal proceedings. With the expansion of EU law over the years, this expertise has become increasingly valuable to clients doing business in the European Union, who must consider the implications of EU law in structuring their business arrangements.In addition, the firm has considerable experience in the areas of international construction and engineering contracts, investment and divestment and mergers and acquisitions.The firm is also frequently involved in structuring and implementing consortiums and contractual and corporate joint ventures, assisting the client in identifying the most appropriate vehicle for the client's specific needs and, subsequently, providing the client with any necessary services.Where the client requires assistance in a jurisdiction other than Italy, whether in connection with a litigation or arbitration matter in a foreign country, the incorporation of a foreign subsidiary or otherwise, the firm is equipped to provide the assistance necessary to best meet the client's needs. The firm can help the client select qualified counsel in the foreign jurisdiction, instruct the foreign counsel in the interest of the client and, if the client so desires, to serve as liaison between client and foreign counsel, helping the client to understand important aspects of the foreign legal system which are most relevant for the management of the dispute or the transaction, and thus to cooperate best with foreign counsel.The firm avails itself of internal resources which make it particularly well suited to assist foreign clients and to facilitate the relationship between Italian clients and foreign counsel. All of the attorneys in the firm are capable of providing legal services in at least one language other than Italian and many of them have studied and/or practiced in foreign jurisdictions and therefore have an excellent understanding of the relevant foreign legal systems.

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