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Sciumé & Associati – Studio legale e tributario is a law and tax accounting firm that currently operates in the main fields of law and economy, among which M&A, corporate, banking, non profit, capital market and tax thanks to in-depth knowledge of the financial and economic worlds.It relies on its staff of 110 distributed over the offices of Milan, Rome and Bologna.In addition, the Firm is part of a wider network of Italian and international law firms, located both in Europe and in the United States of America, which enables it to provide comprehensive assistance to its clients, also in connection with international transactions.The Firm, which gathers the diverse professional skills of Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants and Labour Law Advisors, offers a wide range of services addressed especially to companies of any size through personalised and innovative advice.The practice areas which characterize our Firm are addressed both to individuals and to corporations (whether business concerns or not-for-profits) of any type and size.The experience we have been accruing over our many years in the field, the wide range of our professional expertise and our unique specializations enable us to provide assistance with reference to issues which are typical both of the legal area and of the business sector.LEGAL AREA- Incorporations and corporate transactions   - Labour Law and Social Security Law- Credit and Finance   - Criminal Commercial Law and Criminal Corporate Law- Contracts   - Town-planning, building and territory development regulations- Regulated Markets   - Local public services- Litigation and Credit Collection   - USA – Europe relationships- European Union Law   - Roman Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law- Family Law   - Not for profitTAX AND CORPORATE AREA- Incorporations and corporate transactions   - Litigation- Tax Planning   - Balance sheet and accounting principles- Business and balance sheets consultancy   - Corporate transactions- Technical advice and arbitrations   - Not for ProfitsOur Firm was among the first in Italy to address the specific issues pertaining to the diverse entities and organizations involved in the Third Sector and today it offers legal, tax and management advice to non profit organizations and major donors.Many of the professionals of our Firm moreover are authors of publications concerning the Third Sector.The experience and expertise accrued in this area have enabled the Firm to participate actively, also through the many publications authored by its professionals, to the evolution of the rules governing not for profit organizations (ONLUS – Organizzazioni Non Lucrative di Utilità Sociale).In particular, the specific expertise acquired by our Firm finds expression in the advice we provide to our clients concerning out of court matters (legal opinions, drafting of agreements, assistance during proceedings for recognition of legal personality, etc.), and court proceedings (assistance and legal representation of organizations before civil, administrative and tax courts) as well as in the assistance we offer for compliance with relevant tax, civil and accounting obligations.- Legal/Corporate Advice- Ecclesiastical Entities- Fund Raising- Tax/Administrative/Accounting Assistance- Conventions/Seminars- Study and research activities in the legislative area

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