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The Studio Legale Palmigiano is a thriving law firm that keeps abreast of changes in the world of law while fully respecting its traditions and roots. The firm was founded in 1954 and the perfect blend of young professionals and more seasoned lawyers enables it to offer authoritative advice and know-how in the fields of Italian law, comparative law and international private law. The services offered and experience gained over the years with Italian and foreign clients means that the firm is able to offer services in the various areas of law with a specialist, personalized and organized approach to meet all specific needs.Judicial AssistanceThe firm offers advice and assistance in the following areas of activity:- Separation and divorce- Matrimonial property regimes and rights of minors- Property law- Leasing and common ownership- Successions and divisions- Consumers’ rights- Environment and territory- Privacy- European Union law- International private law- Professional or medical liability- Banking and finance- Highway Code- Copyright- Transport law- Corporate law- Company law- Antitrust- Contracts and public services- Insolvency proceedings- Accident prevention- Debt recovery- Misleading advertising and unfair competition- Arbitration and ADR- Stock Exchange and shares- Pinto Law and actions against the State- Contracts and obligations- Enforcement- Legal aid- Civil liability- Maritime law- Industrial law- Real estate- Town-planning- Dispossessions- Construction- Grants and public financing- Cultural heritageiThe firm also provides assistance and representation in trial proceedings in civil and administrative courts and in superior jurisdiction courts: the Court of Cassation, Council of State and Administrative Justice Council.We help clients with procedures with independent authorities (Anti-trust Authorities for the Market and Communications) in all types of proceedings including unlawful competition and misleading advertising and can provide assistance throughout Italy thanks to the collaboration of professionals in other towns and cities who cooperate with our lawyers on an ongoing basis. Litigation with the judicial offices of the province of Palermo are managed directly and personally by the members of the firm.Each case is entrusted to a single lawyer who works in collaboration and coordination with the other members of staff and under the ongoing control and supervision of the firm’s owner. This is a guarantee of high quality assistance, as the work is verified by more than one lawyer, as well as faster procedural times whenever possible.A prerogative for the firm is that of creating an efficient communications network with clients who are promptly informed of all actions taken. Obviously, on request, clients will receive information about the costs they will presumably incur.The same management philosophy is adopted in cases where the firm is called on to work on behalf of other law firms as paying agent: indeed, immediate communication is guaranteed on each judicial activity performed.Extra Judicial AssistanceStudio Palmigiano’s services also include the out of court stage if extra judicial consulting and legal advice are required.This guarantees efficient management of existing legal cases and the study of alternatives to legal action and is based on the experience gained in currently used contractual types: from the more traditional (sale, leasing and rental, agency, brokerage, exchange, guarantee, transaction, mandate, deposit, commodatum, package holiday contracts) to the more recent (franchising, merchandising, leasing) and the most innovative (e-commerce: business to business, business to consumer).The firm is specialized in the consumer protection sector and in the drafting of goods and services contracts in full compliance with national and European laws. It can also provide assistance in verifying observance of laws on privacy and on other provisions that may impact a company’s activities. The firm can also give advice on the establishment of associations and foundations and the setting up of trust companies.Asset and property managementAsset management is one of the Palmigiano law firm’s speciality areas. Since it was founded the firm has used professionals specialized in the management of bankruptcy assets, protection, judicial interdictions and hereditary guardianships and it collaborates with external sector experts for more specifically bookkeeping aspects.The experience gained in this sector allows the firm to manage all questions linked to the need to (eliminate) manage administered assets, their guarantee and the relative tax aspects. In particular, foreign clients – who have come into possession of property through an inheritance – often ask us to take all the necessary steps for its use or sale.Numerous clients and companies use our services for the purchase and sale of property: in this case we carry out all the necessary checks and controls to guarantee a problem free purchase/sale.Legal ResearchExperience, combined with access to databases and hardcopy records, enables the firm to plan and develop legal and economic-legal research projects. For many years the company has worked with and provided consulting services to universities, public and private entities, associations and foundations for the preparation of studies in specific sectors of law and related to highly topical issues.Arbitration and ConciliationThe Palmigiano law firm advises and guides it clients in conciliation and arbitration procedures when these are necessary or opportune.Indeed, it is a well-known fact that the times of the Italian justice system are incompatible with a modern economic system and hence our attempts to offer our clients a more rapid, alternative and cost-effective solution.The firm’s professionals have gained in-depth knowledge of arbitration and conciliation procedures and this allows them to offer assistance even in the most complex cases of litigation. Indeed, many of the members of our staff:- hold the qualification of professional conciliator; and/or- have the know-how and skills needed to guarantee clients involved in conciliation procedures assistance that leads to a structured negotiation and which takes into consideration the interests of the parties and their needs and/or- have experience of arbitration procedures in the role of arbitrators, consultants or counsel.Alessandro Palmigiano is also General Secretary of the Arbitration Court set up at the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, while Lucio Savagnone is the Vice Secretary.

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