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Kovács Réti Szegheõ Attorneys at Law was established in 1992 and has grown and expanded steadily ever since to become one of the largest Hungarian-owned law offices now.According to 2004 editon of "The European Legal 500" our law firm is still the sixteenth largest firm in Hungary, while we are the third largest firm among the independent Hungarian offices.The Office was one of the first to contribute to the creation of a market economy in Hungary by solving complex legal tasks related to the establishment and operation of business organisations and privatisation. This work frequently required the staff to handle pioneering legal transactions that were still new in Hungarian law. As a result, the Office is specialised particularly in the legal representation of business organisations and the application of the so-called business law.To meet the expectations of business organisations and the challenges of the increasingly competitive legal counselling market, Réti Szegheõ and Partners Attorneys at Law has expanded its staff by hiring associates prominent in the knowledge and practice of fields of primary importance in terms of the professional focus of the Office, particularly including corporate law, securities law, bankruptcy law, competition law and intellectual property law. Due to the development of the Hungarian legal system and the economy, the Office continues to extend its practice to new fields such as the application of laws on the Internet, e-business, data protection, environmental protectionOur lawyers have wide experience in the acquisition and organisational transformation of companies, covering the full range of legal transactions both between Hungarian companies and between Hungarian and foreign organisations, particularly including the following:- legal due diligence of the companies to be acquired, or to be sold;- construction of merger and de-merger agreements;- acquisition, elaboration of connecting contracts;- solution of problems arising in connection with organisational transformation;- development of schemes to protect minority owners and creditors.We offer high-standard services to our clients in corporate law issues, particularly including the following:- establishment of business organisations;- transformation and termination of companies, continuous legal consultancy related to their operation;- counselling the investment of foreigners in Hungary, establishment of joint ventures and trade agencies;- elaborating organisation and operation regulations, syndicate agreements;- franchising.We offer consulting services and collaboration in the following areas based on the wide legal representation experience obtained in procedures such as, those before the Hungarian Competition Authority:- development of solutions for mergers and partnerships in conformity with the competition laws;- consultancy in cases related to the abuse of market dominance;- actions against competitors applying unfair market practices, representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority;- representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in procedure started on the base on unfair influencing of consumer decisions.Our lawyers provide legal counselling or representation in the above legal areas whether the clients are in debtor or creditor position. We provide services particularly in the following cases:- enforcement of claims against debtor business organisations even if they have become insolvent;- legal counselling and representation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings for business organisations which are insolvent or are expected to become insolvent;- assistance and counselling for compositions in bankruptcy or liquidation;- securing creditor interests in lending operations and other transactions in view of the above legal areas and through liens and other civil law securities.The dynamic spread of mass communication, computerised data management and the Internet worldwide computer network raise issues that legislation can hardly follow or that require complex knowledge of several branches of law. Concerning the response to these issues and the application of effective laws, we offer high-standard services in the following areas:- media law with particular regard to issues related to satellite and cable broadcasting and service providers;- assistance and counselling issues connecting to telecommunication service and suppliers;- software law, problems related to computer databases;- construction of data protection regulations;- representation in data protection disputes;- legal counselling in the use of the Internet and e-business.In line with the European legal developments, the legal issues related to consumer protection, product liability and the marketing of environment-friendly, healthy products and technologies are gaining increasing importance in Hungary. The specialists of the Office are well prepared for meeting the challenges of these legal areas and can help our clients in the following fields:- development and revision of general terms and conditions in view of the renewing consumer protection requirements;- counselling in issues of quality protection, customer information and product labels conforming the consumer protection requirements;- representation in disputes related to product liability and guarantee and warranty claims;- legal counselling in environmental protection issues;- legal counselling in business advertising activities, construction and evaluation of advertising and marketing contracts.The protection of intellectual property is a main concern for economy players the practical problems of which are encountered by most companies in their day-to-day operation. We address these issues and protect the interests of our clients by offering services particularly in the following areas:- Hungarian and international trademark research, trademark applications;- enforcement and representation of claims resulting from the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights;- construction of licence agreements;- protection of copyrights and neighbouring rights of personal and financial nature.In addition to providing assistance in traditional real estate sales transactions, we undertake to handle complex legal tasks concerning real estates such as- legal tasks related to commercial real estates, industrial parks, greenfield investments;- legal counselling in the utilisation and sale of real estates;- legal due diligence of real estates, land office procedures;- construction of asset management contracts.It is of essential importance for the companies established and incorporated in Hungary to have up-to-date knowledge of the Hungarian employment law issues so that they can avoid employment disputes and the severe financial consequences of wrong decisions. We offer the following services to our clients as part of our employment law activities:- construction of employment contracts, manager contracts;- co-operation in the elaboration of effective organizational, payment and schedule systems;- construction of collective agreement and organizational and operational rules, taking parts and counselling in its negotiations;- solution of legal problems related to collective agreements and unions,- development of workplace regulations;- legal counselling in issues related to employment termination, including the large scale dismissal.Our clients sometimes need to use third-party forums in trying to solve conflicts encountered in their operation. In case of mutual consent of the parties concerned, we undertake to act as conciliator or mediator and manage or settle the conflict out of court. We have wide experience in managing disputes before Hungarian and international arbitration courts and ordinary courts. We offer services to our clients mainly in the following areas:- analysis of conflicts resulting from contracts or non-contractual relationships, working out ways to settle the dispute out of court or concepts to be followed in court;- legal representation before Hungarian and international arbitration courts;- legal representation before ordinary courts.

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