Arnason Faktor
Arnason Faktor was founded in the summer of 2006 when two leading intellectual property firms in Iceland, A&P Árnason and Faktor Patenbureau merged. Faktor Patenbureau was founded by Jon L. Arnalds in 1969 and has been extensively engaged in Intellectual Property Protection in Iceland ever since. A&P Árnason traces its roots back to 1985 and has been a pioneer in the promotion of intellectual property protection in the Icelandic industry and business community.

We offer our clients expansive services in the field of intellectual property, i.e. patent filings, registrations and validations, trademark registrations, trademark searches, design and domain registrations.

The framework of our activities is high-quality Intellectual Property Right (IPR) consulting service and IPR-based business development. Our success depends on targeted recruitment, development of qualifications, our employees’ ability to work as a team and their active participation in the development of the company.

Our professionals are specialized within the legal, scientific and technical disciplines that are traditionally associated with IPR consulting service.

Customer focus is imperative for our development of which we aim at continuous improvement. We are at your service for:
- Filing and Prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications
- Searching, watching, documentation and alerting services
- Establishing, prosecuting, policing and litigating patent, trademark and design rights
- Domain registrations
- IP portfolio administration
- SPC and plant protection
- Due diligence
- Licensing, commercialization of IP and business development
- Annuities

practice areas

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingPatentsTrademarks

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