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Fulltingi is a dependable and progressive law firm that provides individuals, corporations and institutions with all-round legal services, both domestically and abroad.

The firm´s goal is to look out for its clients interests at all times. Fulltingi´s role is to uphold justice in society by solving its clients´ cases well and with integrity.

Our clients’ interest is the focus of our work, as is the ambition to succeed on their behalf and client confidentiality. Our ambition to succeed and our financial goals will never overshadow our commitment to our client. To us, every client is special and his case calls for our special focus and treatment. Every client has the right to be thoroughly informed about the strengths and weaknesses of his case and to be fairly charged for our services.

To us integrity, fairness and objectivity are the prerequisite for success in all our communication with our clients, the courts and the opposing party. We are guided by the principle of integrity at all times. We emphasize complete confidentiality and that our staff honors their commitments to their clients. We want our clients to feel at ease at all times with our services.

We at Fulltingi have the courage to speak and face the truth, even when it is to our disadvantage and without ever breaking the code of confidentiality towards our clients. We also have the courage, knowledge and ambition to take on complicated cases that try our shrewdness, knowledge and perseverance. We welcome the chance to develop new and innovative ways to solve difficult legal matters. We see these challenges as an opportunity to practice our vigilance and adaptability.

Our staff is well trained, committed and very skilled in their line of expertise. The firm offers its employees demanding assignments in a motivated environment. To us it is important that our employees take an active part in the development of the firm with their initiative and expert knowledge. Equality is important to us and we strive to create an environment where our employees can share their views and ideas, where they are ambitious about the level of service they provide and feel good in their place of work. We understand the importance of the healthy balance between work and social life.

The reason why we emphasize continuing education and learning for our staff is simple: Extensive knowledge and specialization is a prerequisite for good services and our ability to excel in a competitive environment. We try and learn from all our cases and welcome comments and critique in order to improve our work.

Our good reputation is our most priced asset and the reason for our loyal clientele. We understand that everything we do contributes to our reputation, whether it is promotional work or the work we do on behalf of our clients. We feel it is our duty to fully inform our clients on how the firm operates, in order for them to completely understand the services we provide. We also try to have our reports, educational- and promotional materials in an accessible language for all to understand.

Our clients’ goals are our goals. Nothing is more important to us than to succeed on their behalf. We want our firm to be big enough to provide excellent service but at the same time have the will and ability to serve our clients quickly and personally. Comprehensive experience, an insight into our clients’ needs and organized working procedures is our way of reaching our goals. With the right combination of expert knowledge and to-the-point working methods, we get things done.

Fulltingi offers full legal services to companies, organisations, governmental bodies and the general public. The operation is split into three practice areas.

practice areas

Personal Injury

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