Busing, Muffelmann & Theye
Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye was founded by Arthur Büsing and Dr. Constantin Frick in 1960, though the firm can trace its roots back to lawyers and notaries of nineteenth century Bremen. Our offices are located in three major German cities: Bremen with its Hanseatic trading tradition, the capital Berlin, Frankfurt, the commercial and financial centre and Munich the business location for hightec Industries.

Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye's partners and employees support national and international clients in reaching their entrepreneurial objectives by advising them in all relevant areas of law. Negotiations with opposing parties and authorities, representation before the courts, in arbitration and before all state offices and authorities are as much part of our field of activity as internal consultation with our clients, especially in commercial and business law.

Our goal is not so much to develop into an international lawyers' group with the greatest possible geographic spread, but we prefer rather to provide individual advice based on a personal commitment to our demanding clients, seeking tailor-made solutions for their complex problems. To this end we use not only our own expertise, but also our network of international contacts continuously developed over the decades.

The lawyers of Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye believe in free enterprise and independent lawyering. We support the rule of law, which defends free competition and entrepreneurial initiative against bureaucratic restrictions. It is our task to provide the legal framework for our clients' enterprise decisions on the basis of a precise understanding of their problems and interests. We aim to satisfy our clients with the high quality of our legal work and our commitment to prompt results. Absolute loyalty is our response to our clients' trust.

Our clients include medium-sized companies, listed corporations, national and international trading companies and service providers, industrial, media and technology enterprises, as well as banks and insurance companies, public authorities and their public enterprises. Our notary's office is in charge of a broad range of cases in the field of company law, commercial law, law of real property and law of inheritance. We offer our legal services cross-border and have attorneys who are fluent in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croat and Arabic.

Fields of Law:
- Labour Law
- Banking and Capital Markets Law
- Building Law
- European Union Law and EU Subsidy Law
- Company Law
- Intellectual Property and Copyright
- Information Technology and Telecommunications Law
- Media Law
- Medical Law
- Landlord-Tenant Law, Real Estate Law
- Arbitration Proceedings and Mediation
- Tax Law
- Transportation and Insurance Law
- Public Procurement Law
- Administrative and Constitutional Law
- Competition and Anti-Trust Law
- Criminal Business Law and Criminal Tax Law

practice areas

Advertising and MarketingAntitrust and Trade RegulationAviation LawBanking LawCommunications and MediaConstruction LawCopyrightsEducation LawEnergyEnergy RegulationFinanceFood and Drug and CosmeticsGeneral PracticeHealth CareInformation TechnologyInsuranceIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingLabor and EmploymentReal EstateTechnology and ScienceTelecommunications LawTransportationUnfair Competition

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