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The main focuses of our practice are real estate law, corporate law, construction law and public law.In corporate law we advise domestic and foreign clients in questions relating to the incorporation of companies, financing, as well as mergers and acquisitions, and the succession of companies. Along with the consultation of technology companies, above all we specialize in advising companies in the area of real estate.In the development of real estate, not only the work of constructors and investors, their architects and construction workers is important, but also the performance of the acting lawyers and notaries: In the incorporation of project companies, the preparation of contract structures, in the setting up of sureties and the appointment of land charges. Main areas are public procurement, termination of contracts and litigation.Every one of these questions has its own legal solution. It is our task as advising lawyers and notaries in real estate law to provide this solution, as well as in all the associated areas of law. Especially worthy of recognition are sectors of corporate law, as well as public law and public procurement law. Of course, property law in its narrowest sense, as well as the classic areas of private construction law, architectural law and insolvency law are also adjunctive.According to demand, we carry out preparation of contracts, arbitration and mediation, monitoring of contracts and litigation.We act as civil law notaries in German, English and French in all areas of law for domestic and foreign clients.

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Business LawCivil LitigationCommercial LawConstruction LawCorporate LawLabor and EmploymentReal Estate

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