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Roschier, as a leading law firm in Northern Europe, operates in the international marketplace. Roschier has its main offices in Helsinki and Stockholm and a regional office in Vaasa.As a member of RoschierRaidla, an integrated cross-border operation of approximately 280 lawyers in five jurisdictions including Raidla Lejins & Norcous in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the firm also offers cross-border solutions based on uniform quality and best practices of international standard by premier law firms in each jurisdiction.PeopleRoschier has approximately 175 lawyers of which 29 are partners. The total staff numbers some 300 persons. Our continued recruitment and HR concepts increasingly involve also non-traditional arrangements such as hosting secondees and developing other fixed term personnel exchanges.Fostering professionals is a demanding and challenging mission. The same qualities that make good professionals will make us good and respected colleagues. To develop our work community and its people we provide fora for internal dialogue.Professional OrganizationRoschier, Attorneys Ltd., constituted as a limited company, operates as a partnership. It is managed by its Senior Partner, with main responsibility for firm strategy and external relations, and its Managing Partner. The Senior Partner and the Managing Partner are supported in their operational duties by functional teams.The firm focuses on the following practice areas:- Corporate Advisory- M&A- Private Equity- Public M&A- Finance and Capital Markets- Intellectual Property- Dispute Resolution- EU and Competition- Tax- Restructuring & Insolvency- Real Estate & Environment- Employment & Labor Law- Information and Communication Technology- Pharmaceuticals and Biosciences- Media and Entertainment- Marketing and Consumer Law- Energy & Natural ResourcesBusiness and Legal Information Specialists serve all practices and provide research assistance.Client relationsA modern law firm cultivates client relationships. This is not only a newly invented expression for the traditional handling of client matters. Legal practice today increasingly involves service concepts that blur the borderline between the buyer and the performer of the work. Final work products are made jointly as the result of exchanges on many personal and professional levels. With increased transparency, foundations are laid for longstanding relationships capable of standing the test of time. The words partnering and teambuilding find meaning as and when adapted to each client and its particular needs. Liaisons between client and service provider entail information exchanges not only in legal but also in business and governance matters. Experience has shown that different organizations always can learn from one another. While a law firm can offer its specialized legal knowledge, a high level of interactivity with clients allows it to continuously benchmark its organization against modern corporates.Our clients include large domestic and global corporations, often listed on one or more stock exchanges, and growth and other private companies with international operations. We also advise financial institutions, insurance companies and governmental authorities.Independent CounselThe role of a law firm and its lawyers is to render independent advice. This means that law firms need to be independent in all respects. Most important, there needs to be independence of mind.Lawyers in private practice have a long tradition of professional values and codes reinforcing their role as independent professional advisors. The last decades, however, have seen a deflation of the behavioral codes for lawyers. There has been considerable pressure on the professional identity in large business law firms and a greater assimilation with other advisory trades. The traditional nature of lawyering has been regularly challenged also from inside the ranks, claiming that lawyering is a business among other businesses.Today we are witnessing regulatory frenzy in the world of commerce, both on a national and supranational level, with the aim to regulate that part of human existence least prone to regulation: values and ethics. This regulatory work is aiming at restoring confidence in corporate decision-making and the advice that it relies on.Business law firms may have reason to explore anew the foundation on which their practice was built and the few fundamental principles that underlie the deontological codes of the legal profession. "Back to the future" may prove to be the outcome of this reorientation.Where distrust and lack of confidence prevail on the market, there may again be a market for high end independent advice. In addition to formal and factual independence and integrity law firms will have to ensure that they are also perceived as giving advice that is not only fast, business-minded, correct and user-friendly, but also independent from forces that may compromise its value to the recipient.It seems that the greatest future for legal practitioners lies not in their assimilation with other trades but in the reinforcement of their traditional characteristics.Knowledge and ProcessesIn addition to supporting the continuous personal growth and individual competence development of our staff we put strong emphasis on knowledge building and knowledge sharing. We staff our teams for specific assignments across practice groups to share best practices and to utilize and develop the firm's knowledge pool. The importance of efficient case management and work procedures as a personal skill is stressed as a prerequisite for fully utilizing the opportunities offered by the latest technology and our infrastructure.Skills and experience are best developed on the job. In addition, our lawyers extensively attend external seminars and training, collaborate with leading profiles both in the business community and in academic circles, write articles and give external presentations. These activities help our lawyers to keep abreast of changes in the business and legal environment. Activities in Bar Associations and Pro Bono work is encouraged and continuously engages many lawyers of the firm.In order to ensure continuous update of legal skills we have also developed the Roschier University. Business related matters, case management and questions of professional ethics are receiving regular attention alongside the law. Senior associates, as part of their career development, can benefit from our program for secondment to foreign law firms and corporations with international operations.

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