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Attorneys at Law Luiga Mody Hääl Borenius is an independent law firm offering advice on all basic matters of business and corporate law. The majority of our clients comprise retail, industrial, banking, property, construction and transport companies. Additional information concerning our expertise, specialists and specialisation can be found by clicking on corresponding links.CommercialTaking account of our purpose to provide full range of services to our clients, assistance in commercial relationships is one of our broadest fields of activities. We advise our clients in drawing up different types of commercial contracts, such as contracts for sale and purchase, distribution, lease and other type of use, license, co-operation, advertising, etc. Due to rapid development in the area of e-commerce we have gained much experience in protecting our clients’ rights relating thereto as well. We have broad experience in negotiating the above mentioned as well as other types of contracts.Banking, finance and securitiesLegal assistance in various financial transactions including acquisition of minority and majority shares, portfolio investments, creation and operation of investment funds, and creation and registration of new financial instruments, accounts for a significant share of our day-to-day work. In connection thereto we draft necessary legal documents, assist in preparing prospectuses (IPO, mandatory offers) and represent our clients in their dealings with the OMX Tallinn Stock Exchange, Central Bank, Financial Supervision Authority, etc. We render such services to several major foreign and local commercial and investment banks who benefit from our broad experience in the given area.Corporate and Mergers & AcquisitionsCorporate work is a very important area of practice for our firm. We advise companies on corporate matters on full service basis from incorporation to dissolution, division or merger, as the case may be. When assisting our clients in matters of day-to-day corporate activities we also represent them in their relations with government authorities, draft and negotiate contracts, deal with employment issues, etc. A significant part of our corporate work relates to mergers and acquisitions. In the numerous M&A transactions we have been involved in, our firm has carried out large scale due diligence investigations or assisted target companies in preparing for the acquisition and setting up due diligence data rooms. We also have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating M&A agreements.TaxTaxation work is considered to be one of the firm's key practices. We obtain a significant knowledge and experience especially in tax litigation and have secured a number of decisions against the tax authorities. Taking into consideration the provisions of services in the areas of finance and corporate law, we also have solid experience in tax planning. Real Estate & ConstructionThe Office advises on all areas of law relating to real estate and construction, ranging from drafting of and negotiating lease, sub-lease, sale agreements or other transfers of buildings, premises and land, legal assistance in real estate development and investment projects, land planning, obtaining permissions from state and local authorities, turn-key or architectural design contracts, construction management, sub-contractor’s documentation, client-manager-contractor disputes and construction claims in various areas from civil engineering to oil terminal installations.Litigation, Arbitration, Dispute ResolutionTraditional lawyers’ role includes assistance in resolution of all kinds of disputes, both in pre-trial and all levels of court proceedings: first instance, appellate and cassation. Practice includes negotiation and drafting of settlements, drafting of claims, statements, requests, submissions and all kinds of other procedural documents, representing clients in court proceedings and throughout the process of enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards. We also represent clients in proceeding at European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice. Luiga Mody Hääl Borenius has also been recognized for its arbitration expertise. Activities range from representing the clients in arbitration proceedings to sitting on arbitral panels.Intellectual propertyAs Estonian economy is reaching a greater level of development and stability the importance and value of intellectual property is continuously increasing. This in turn has brought along a need for more attention to be paid to securing and protecting such rights in traditional fields of economy as well as in the "New Venture" sectors. Protection, assignment and licensing of trademarks, copyrights, patents, design rights as well as know-how is a growing practice area and has lead us to add intellectual property specialists to our team. New problems have been surfacing in this area in connection to the massive development of the software and Internet industries.Telecommunications and IT LawThis rapidly expanding advisory work on transactional and regulatory issues relating to telecommunications includes legal assistance in connection with network interconnection agreements, joint ventures in fixed and mobile telecommunications, operations and cable retransmission systems, terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, representation before the regulatory authorities in legal matters relating to fixed and mobile telecommunications services, drafting of and negotiating software development, distribution and licensing arrangements, assistance in the settlement of disputed relating to telecommunications and IT matters.Administrative and Public LawWe represent our clients in the state and local government institutions, advise on drafting contracts under public law and advise in all other issues related to the public law. We also represent the clients in administrative court proceedings. Competition LawLegal assistance on the competition law includes the advice on competitive and anti-competitive agreements and practices, market concentration caused by mergers and acquisitions, abuse of a dominant position and the like. The practice ranges from assisting in contacts and negotiations with competition authorities, filing notifications and complaints, obtaining regulatory clearance, comfort letters and exemptions under the anti-trust regulations to advising on the competition law aspects of contractual arrangements.ContractsWe advise clients on compilation of all kinds of contracts: sale and purchase, lease, service, franchising, distribution, licensing, agency, marketing etc. We also assist our clients in negotiations and represent them in disputes related to contracts. Energy LawOur attorneys have obtained specific knowledge and experience in such narrow field of law. They have been involved in drafting the legal framework for the energy sector in Estonia but also in advising and representing the government in the privatization process of the electricity distribution companies and establishing the regulator for the energy sector.Insolvency & Business RestructuringThe firm assists clients in initiation, execution and monitoring of the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, represents the interests of owners or creditors in the meetings of creditors and in courts as well as renders a full range of services for companies intending to enter into restructuring: initiation and drafting of a restructuring plan, representation in courts and in relations with the creditors.Labor LawThe firm can offer its broad knowledge and expertise in all labor law issues from drafting of employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, employee dismissal procedures and requirements, legal consequences of strikes to resolution of disputes between the employers and employees. The practice covers assistance in immigration matters, including rendering of information on the migration regulations, representing clients at the immigration authorities, filing applications and receiving residence permits.Public ProcurementWe advise and assist our clients on all issues related to the public procurement — we compile the tender documents, organise the tenders, draft and execute the public procurement contracts. Our lawyers also obtain remarkable knowledge and experience in representing the clients in disputes related to the public procurement.TransportationThe office provides legal advice on all aspects of carriage of goods by road, rail, sea and air, as well as on agency and forwarding arrangements. Usual assistance would include drafting contracts, advising on legal requirements under national and international regulations, representing clients in dispute settlement proceedings both in courts and arbitration, drafting protests and claims. Our attorneys have also been involved in drafting legislation in this area.

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