Corporate LawLEXTAL advises its clients on all matters related to corporate law, including issues related to establishment and liquidation, bylaws, shareholders, management structure, shareholder and management agreements, share transactions etc.Mergers and AcquisitionsLEXTAL assists, and if necessary, conducts on behalf of the client share or equity transactions as part of the merger/acquisition work.Competition LawConcerted practices, concentrations, dominant position and its abuse, state aid - as in the rest of the Europe, one needs to take special care in transactions that would affect the market situation in Estonia. Legal aid provided by LEXTAL may take the form of legal analysis but we can also perform certain deeds for the purpose of meeting the requirements set by competition law.Tax LawTax law in the EU is to a certain extent harmonized, whereas Estonian law offers certain advantages in income taxation. LEXTAL has necessary knowledge of Estonian tax system and tax administration.Real EstateLEXTAL advises its clients in questions related to real estate development and real estate transactions.Design and ConstructionLEXTAL advises its clients in legal issues related to zoning, design and construction. Our expertise includes negotiating and drafting construction contracts that meet international requirements (FIDIC).Banking and FinanceThe key issue with financing is the mutual trust of the parties and offering the best available legal protection to the financer’s interests without harming the financeés possibilities to carry out the planned project. It follows that both legal expertise of various financial instruments as well as the lawyers social capabilities are an important success factor.EU FundsLEXTAL has and will advise its clients on legal issues related to EU funding, beginning from the masterplans/pipelines on the national level and ending with legal advice on the implementation of the approved projects.Civil Proceedings and ArbitrationWe use all legal means to protect our client’s interests in Estonia and abroad. Our Attorneys have been renowned for their services as arbitrators and conciliators.Bankruptcy LawLEXTAL offers legal advice and action to protect the interests of the debtor and creditors. Our lawyers have necessary legal expertise and sufficient economic and social skills to manage the bankruptcy proceedings of still-running or collapsed enterprises as bankruptcy receivers. Administrative LawThe key notions in this legal field are the discretion of the authorities, protection of one’s rights, administrative agreements and cooperation in the field of administration.Intellectual Property LawLegal due diligence of intellectual property, licensing, legal disputes before courts and other instances.Environmental LawEnvironmental law is a quickly developing area in Estonia, as well as the awareness on environmental issues. We have expertise in giving advice related to regulation and distribution of natural resources, environmental permits, establishment of environmental requirements, and choice of behaviour when the requirements are already in force. We protect our clients in related legal disputes. In our practice, advice on environmental law must often be regarded as an integral part of commercial projects.Insurance LawInsurance contracts and insurance disputes, also coherent legal solutions for minimizing enterprenerurial risks.Labour LawFree movement of workers, legal regulation of labour relationships, representation of employers in labour relationships.Maritime LawTransfer and encumbering of ships, chartering, maritime insurance and all legal disputes related thereto. LEXTAL will prepare legal arrangements to flag the ship in Estonia.Medicine and BiotechnologyLEXTAL advises well known medical and biotechnology institutions with a view to draft and implement legal acts/internal rules, to carry out projects, to find a justified balance between the necessity to protect individual rights and public interests. Our clients need also advice in everyday activities related to clinical trials, drug administration and development projects.Public ProcurementThe regulations on public procurement function in parallel to the traditional contract law, increasing the number of legal aspects to be kept in mind as well as the means of legal protection. Our specialty is to prepare and exercise public tenders on behalf of the client as well as protection of client’s interests in tender disputes in both administrative proceedings and administrative court proceedings.Telecommunication and ITLEXTAL advises the clients in telecommunication and IT sector, regardless of services they offer or the particular infrastructure or technical solutions they use in their business.

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