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HETA Law Office was founded in October 1989 as a joint venture, among founders participated several Helsinki’s large law firms. Currently we continue practicing as a company, which shares are divided between attorneys of the Firm. We have friendly connections with law firms in Finland and other countries. In the beginning years of the practice HETA Law Office was a member of IAG International, today we continue as a member of international network ARS Legis which can guarantee us an effective co-operation with European law firms. Owing to the international contacts we are able to provide high quality legal services to our clients also in foreign countries.he attorneys of HETA have either a long term attorneys practice or additionally previous experience as a judge, banking lawyer or civil servant, which in a whole create premises for an effective team?work to solve client’s different problems competently and successfully.Along with proficient legal aid we also guarantee to the clients loyalty, attentive and diligent attitude to protect their rights and interests in best possible ways.HETA attorneys have either a long term legal practice or additionally previous experience as a judge, banking lawyer or civil servant, which in a whole create premises for an effective team-work to solve client’s different problems competently and successfully.Attorneys are daily occupied with consulting of the clients and representing them in relations with other persons, as well as in courts, in negotiations, making legal transactions and achieving agreements and settlements.Attorneys of our firm are mostly experts in particular fields, though can act as a team in order to achieve satisfaction and safety feeling to the client. We communicate personally, directly and respond swiftly to the client’s questions. We provide legal opinions on the premises, ways and perspectives of the achievement of legal problems.Regarding the structure of the Estonian court system and legal system legal issues can be divided into three main fields (to read more of each field choose one of the following):Private law – matters arising from this field of law are normally resolved by civil courts, which in Estonia are the county courts (Harju County Court, Tartu County Court, Pärnu County Court and Viru County Court), the civil chambers of the courts of appeal (Tallinn Court of Appeal, Tartu Court of Appeal, Viru Court of Appeal) and the civil camber of the Supreme Court or Supreme Court en banc;Offence law – it covers penitentiary law, including misdemeanours and criminal offences, and procedural law, i.e. criminal procedure and misdemeanour procedure. Misdemeanours and criminal offences are in the jurisdiction of the county courts (first instance court), the courts of appeal (second instance courts) and the Supreme Court;Administrative and constitutional law – those form a central part of the public law and disputes arising from it are usually resolved in the challenge proceeding or in the administrative courts (Tallinn Administrative Court, Tartu Administrative Court, as well as the administrative chambers of the courts of appeal and of the Supreme Court).

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Administrative LawArbitrationBankruptcyCommercial LawConstruction LawContractsFamily LawLabor and EmploymentReal Estate

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