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Times have changed since Sveinn Björnsson, the future first President of Iceland established his law firm in 1907. However, the basic principles upon which Björnsson built his success remain. In today’s business environment integrity, professionalism and experience are still the guiding lights of LOGOS legal services, making it the leading law firm in Iceland.In recent times Icelandic business has been growing fast, inside and outside of the borders. LOGOS has been growing with, and alongside those businesses. Our international affairs are now also operated from our London office, in the heart of The City, as well as our Copenhagen office, providing full range of services and expertise. These services are already being put to good use by our clients, including some of the country’s largest companies seeking their fortune abroad as well as prestigious international clients looking for insights, legal advice, and assistance in gaining a firm foothold in the unique Icelandic business arena.This step is also important for a knowledge driven law firm. The London and Copenhagen offices offer our staff fresh challenges and opportunities to enhance their extensive experience and post-graduate expertise that bring them to the podium, as scholars and lecturers, in several universities in Iceland.Not so many years ago no one would have belived that an Icelandic law firm could have such an impressive presence in London. I, however, think that this demonstrates the unique strength of LOGOS, and that it would have made Mr. Björnsson extremely proud.The competitive edge of LOGOS is the result of the systematic recruitment of the finest crop of professionals. LOGOS also commits itself to the sharing of information, knowledge and experience within the firm, allowing people to grow to their maximum potential. Dynamic workgroups are active in several fields of law, taking on important internal work, driving innovation and ultimately sharing knowledge and results.The firm’s specific areas of practice include Aviation and Transport, Banking and Finance, Competition, Construction and Projects, Employment, EU/EEA, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Insurance, Litigation and Arbitration, Media and Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Securities, and Telecoms.Choose a field on the right to have further information on the practice areas and the partners in each area. Practice Areas:Corporate services- Banking, Finance and Corporate Law- Competition Law Tax servicesGeneral business services- Administrative and Development Law- Aviation Law- Construction Law and Public Procedure- Energy Law- Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring- Insurance Law and Torts- Intellectual property and Information Technology- Labour Law- Litigation- Maritime and Transport Law- Property and Real Estate

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