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Law Group Bureau 24 represents the association of highly qualified law experts with considerable work experience in legal consultancy as well as in institution of justice and courts. Our team provides a wide range of services related to legal support of business from aid in the composition of reliable contracts to debt collection. Application of unique system of debt collection based on longstanding experience in the area of compulsory execution, which allows our lawyers to work more effectively with the most difficult debts. The work experience in the system of economic justice enables us an opportunity to give a correct analysis of the most complicated cases and provide a client with the most realistic assumptions based on present case law. Deep knowledge and experience in the areas of our practice allow us to fulfill all our client's orders in limited time with minimum cost. We are responsible for the consequences of our consultations and ready to renounce from the fee in case of absence of promised results. Our team is always honest with our clients concerning complexity of the case, duration and perspectives of a solution of arisen questions. We think that our sincerity in work will help us to keep partner relations for long period of time. 24 hours a day our lawyers work with full dedication for successful development and reliable protection of our client's business! Our services1. Commerce- Preparation of business contracts from scratch;- Expert examination of future and present draft contracts on conformity with interests of clients and Belarussian legislation;- Identification and removal of legal and economic risks through the creation of contracts;- Representation of a client's interest in the negotiation process with business partners, state authorities and organizations.2. Corporate law- Full legal support of creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities and of various organizational and legal forms including those with foreign capital;- Legal support in changing of legal entity's owner;- Full package of services on opening and closing of foreign representation offices in Belarus;- Development of constituent documents of legal entity in accordance with personal peculiarities of a client;- Drawing-up of legal recommendations concerning the settlement of corporate disputes.3. Out-of-court settlement - Research and assessment of a matter of dispute;- Development of proposals for dispute settlement;- Participation in negotiations from opposing party, sending of inquiries, receiving of explanations;- Composition and presentation of claims and pre-claim letters or answers to it.4. Support in enforcement proceedings - Enforcement proceedings counseling;- Preparation of petitions for application by bailiffs essential measures for collection of debts;- Presentation of client's interests during communication with bailiffs.5. Intellectual property- Preparation and legal expertise of draft contracts concerning creation and usage of results of intellectual activity, license and franchise contracts, authorship agreements , contracts of assignment of rights on objects of intellectual property;- Counseling on questions about business in the Internet, protection of domain names;- Development of strategies on counteraction to production and proliferation of counterfeit goods.6. Foreign economic activities- Development and expertise of foreign economic contracts- Counseling on questions concerning application of the law of Customs Union, including application of customs-tariff; Trade Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities during classification of goods; rules for determination of a country of origin; methods for determination of valuation of traded goods; rules of licensing; legal acts on questions about subsidization , measures on anti-dumping of goods and other areas of Eurasian Economic Union activity. 7. Receipt of permissive documentation related to construction activity - Certificate of compliance in building activity for Belarusian and foreign companies;- Certificate of technical maintenance of construction-assembly works - Certification of construction-assembly works;- Realization and certification of quality management system in accordance with STB ISO 9001-2015 Quality management system. Requirements; - Development and realization of occupational safety management system;- Certification of construction materials and products.KEY PARTNERSKlepitskiy Vyacheslav- Managing partner of Law Group Bureau 24- Lawyer with 15 years' experience, including the experience on the position of head of legal departments in state and private enterprises- Specialist in the area of commercial and corporate law, intellectual property law, commercial activity, collection of debts.Korochkin Aleksey- Senior partner of Legal Group Bureau 24- Chairman of Sports Arbitration Court (Minsk)- Arbitrator of International Arbitration Court Chamber of arbitrators under Union of lawyers- The Highest legal award Themis in nomination Arbitration and mediation- Author of more than 100 theoretical and practical contributions, devoted to issues of commercial law and procedure, international private law, law of WTO.- PhD, associate professor of the faculty of law of Belarussian State UniversitySeverin Dmitriy- Senior partner of Law Group Bureau 24- Lawyer with longstanding experience in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus- Arbitrator of International Arbitration Court Chamber of arbitrators under Union of lawyers- PhD, associate professor of the faculty of law of Belarussian State University

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