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International Law Office D. Vladimirov & Partners is created to provide a full range of professional legal services. Our main priority is sufficiently to support individuals and businesses in all areas of their private and work lives. The lawyers in our company can help you in different cases as litigation procedures, insurance matters, property or family issues, as well as in debt collection processes and protection of your civil rights. Highly experienced and reliable, our lawyers are on your disposal not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. International Law Office D. VLadimirov & Partners offer all kinds of legal services. Depends on your need, we do representation of Bulgarian or foreign citizens, legal persons and companies before any court, jurisdiction, state, municipal institution, administrative authorities and arbitrations.

Our clients are foreign companies and individuals from different countries. They are served by professional lawyers in the field of commercial, corporate and civil law directly in their native language. We are highly experienced in commercial law, civil law, insurance and property deeds and others. Our validated and qualified experts led by the principles in our firm will help you with knowledge, dedication, loyalty, confidentiality and individual approach to each of you.

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