Grozev and Tonchev Lawyers' Partnership
Grozev and Tonchev Lawyers' Partnership is entered in the register of lawyers' partnerships in Sofia Bar Association under Article 52 of the Attorneys Act. Personal Number 3600012510. Bar Consil Desicion  Number 37 from the 15th of December 2015. UIC 176967607An interrupted assistance in criminal proceedingsThe lawyers  provides an interrupted assistance in criminal proceedings in the capital. After a telephone contact and payment of fee at the office, a lawyer with many years of experience will respond immediately to the police authorities for legal assistance to the arrested person. The experience shows that the first hours after the arrest might proved decisive for the outcome of the case. According to current regulations, the detainee has the right to an attorney no later than two hours after his arrest.If you are being investigated, or have been arrested, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. From our office  in Sofia, we defend clients in all national courts throughout the country.- Skilled criminal defence in cases in all stages of trial;- Protection of victims’ rights in various criminal cases (crimes against person, accidents, etc.);- Participation in criminal proceedings as a civil party and as a private prosecutor;- Consultation and legal advice in all crimes specified in the Penal Code of Bulgaria;- Assistance in transfers of sentenced individuals abroad and defence in proceedings in issuance and execution of European arrest warrant;- Negotiating with insurance companies, banks, etc.;- Advice, preparation and submission of various claims to court and litigation.- Conducting enforcement procedures in Bulgaria;- Protection in Administrative Affairs, incl. court actions in administrative court;- Assistance and solutions for protection in case of crime accusation;- Consultation and participation in the conclusion of agreements to resolve the case on a preliminary basis for the accelerated procedure; - Assistance in registration, registry changes, deregistration of new companies and various legal entities in Trade Registry in Bulgaria, insolvency procedures;- Preparing documents for Notary in real estate and vehicles deals, leasing and various transactions, pledges, mortgages;- Negotiations between buyers and sellers, preliminary contracts;- Arbitration cases and litigation.

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