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Established in 2000 by the founding partner Umut Coskun, Diyalog Law Office is one of the leading law firms in Turkey practising on the area of international law with its highly skilled lawyers. The principal aim of our law firm is to deliver high quality legal advice to individuals and businesses in a way which is clear and understandable. This target is also in support of the firm’s philosophy to become a worldclass law firm.Diyalog is active in all types of legal counseling towards business solutions, as well as representation of clients at the courts, tribunals,execution offices and all governmental institutions located anywhere within the Republic of Turkey. It also provides consultancy services to all corporate clients in a wide variety of transactions with individuals and corporations, providing the client with all the information and guidance required throughout the process. The firm has extensive experience on corporate transactions, employment, competition and commerce law.Diyalog has also resources necessary for dealing with the complex and significant disputes. The firm’s strategy to litigation and dispute resolution is that it is beter for our clients to settle a dispute prior to its existence. Therefore, we give our clients an assistance on a regular basis. However where disputes arise we try to choose the most realistic and cost-efficient way to get the result quickly. We perform all types of litigation procedures involving mostly the cases related to commercial law.

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