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Hough Trofimov & Partners is one of the leading Russian Law Firms with offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, established in 1995. Russian lawyers and attorneys of the Law Firms provide full range of legal services, counsel and advice foreign companies and private individuals specializing in commercial litigation. As Russian Law Firm with offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg our attorneys provide legal services and assist clients in company registration and business incorporation, company formation and obtain a work permit. Russian lawyers and attorneys in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg offices of the Firm assist their clients on purchase of property and real estate.The Law Firm provides advice concerning Russian laws regulating foreign investment; corporate law (corporate incorporation and foundation agreements, shareholder agreements, reorganizations, mergers, divestitures), banking law, securities laws, corporate and individual income taxation, value added; commercial law (distribution and sales agreements, franchise agreements, guaranties, security arrangements); international trade law, public international law, real estate law, privatization law; laws governing transport (customs and transit regulations, shipping laws); import and export regulations, intellectual property law (patent, trademark, and copyright law), advice on employee contracts and employment agreements; and assistance with matters involving inheritance.Attorneys and advocates of Russian Law Firm represent clients in Russian courts of all jurisdictions including arbitration court. Our English speaking Russian lawyers and attorneys in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg offices expertise in the Russian and International laws allows them to assist clients at a higher international standard level.Attorneys of the Firm advice clients regarding purchase of real estate, register a property and obtain a title, provide legal support on construction projects, intellectual property law and labour law, including draft employment agreements and represent employers in labour negotiations.Hough Trofimov & Partners as Russian Law Firm, with offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, is dedicated to assisting its clients in the rapidly evolving Russian business and legal environment on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. Russian Law Firm offers its clients a range of services in a variety of practice areas to meet the needs of businesses, investors and individuals transacting business in Russia.At Hough Trofimov & Partners we understand the complexities of business and the ever-present challenges posed by changing market conditions in Russia and in the World. We know that to serve your local needs effectively, we must understand your business and objectives in order to anticipate developments and identify opportunities.Our lawyers and attorneys approach is to deliver effective solutions which advance the strategic interests of our clients. We do this by combining and leveraging our diverse professional capabilities and strong business acumen with a clear understanding of our client's needs and priorities. We believe, first and foremost, that our success is tied directly to the success of our clients.Attorneys of the Law Firm in Russian Offices serve their clients in the English and the Russian languages.The office of the Law Firm in Moscow provides bookkeeping and accounting services, prepare legal due diligence, tax due diligence and financial due diligence reports. Hough Trofimov & Partner and its Russian attorneys assist clients to receive licences and certificates of admission for construction work, construction project work and construction engineering survey.Over years of experience the Firm cooperates with leading attorneys in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus who are able to undertake commercial and business litigation on behalf of the Firm’s clients. The Firm is able to assist its clients with the engagement and supervision of needed legal representatives throughout Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus so as to ensure that the Firm's clients are adequately represented in those countries' regional courts and before relevant judicial tribunals.

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