Valmas & Associates - Athens Law Office
Full service law firm specializing on property and real estate law, inheritance law, trademarks, criminal law, international agreements and contracts.

Valmas & Associates a law firm with decades of combined professional expertise among its professionals is well known abroad for its competent, honest and efficient services. At Valmas & Associates we are associated with a vast network of well known (for their high standards of practice) professionals on all areas related to the legal profession in Greece, thus enabling fast, competent and efficient solutions to your needs. Topographers, civil engineers, public notaries, process servers (to name a few) are within reach when required to assist you on matters related to our dealing with your cases.

Our clientele includes large corporations, foreign governement bodies, companies and private individuals from all corners of the earth.
Practice Areas:
- Aviation Law (Air Charter Agreements Litigation, Lease of Aircrafts, Passenger Claims)
- Energy Law
- Contracts & Sales (Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation)
- Real Estate Law (Property Transactions, Real Estate Related Litigation, Residence Permits on the Acquisition of Property over the value of 250.000 EURO, Title Searches)
- Trademarks and Patents (Applications for Trademarks and Patents in Greece, Trademark and Patent Related Litigation)
- Accidents, Negligence & Claims (Road Traffic Accidents Litigation, Personal Injury)
- Immigration & Nationality Law (Immigration Applications, Immigration Appeals, Asylum, Consular VISA Processing Assistance etc)
- Family Law (Divorces, Child Support Claims, Litigation Services)
- Inheritance Law
- Criminal LawMedical Law
- Litigation & ADR (Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Procedures, Torts, Petitions for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements)
- Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements

State Reports on Criminal Records / Penal Records for General UseOfficial Translating Services (EN to GR) - Official Translations from English to Greek

practice areas

Aviation LawBankruptcyBusiness LawCommercial LawConstruction LawInheritanceReal EstateShippingTransportationWills and Probate

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