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HODL EHMER GOTH partnership mbB offers legal advice and tax advice. In addition to contract law, employment law, corporate law, accounts receivable management, copyright law, media law and cyber law we advise and provide comprehensive support in data privacy laws. In addition to the professional ethical requirements that are imposed on lawyers, tax consultants and chartered accountants, we rely on fee transparency, reliable advice and represent the positions jointly developed transparent and always authentic. Dealing with business partners and negotiating opponents requires clear lines and determined action and negotiation. It is essential, whether it comes to contracts, wills or tax notices: dispute should be avoided, and if that fails on the other side, whether from ignorance, stupidity, meanness, stubbornness, or because you want to know it - then the dispute is to be recovered. This is also working with a sharp mind and perception of well-being and interests of our clients and a flair for the other side, if necessary, for the court, negotiation skills, diversity of ideas spiced with a dash of smartness and when required (keyword "pathological opponents") the necessary hardness advance. You may expect of us professional and communicative competence, inventiveness and, if not exactly fame and fortune is lost, success. There is a reason why clients of the first hour (since January 2, 1963) give us today their trust. We want you to be righteous in all matters and give everything for thisThe foundation for the firm put the father of lawyer, accountant and chartered accountant Peter Goth, Mr. Alfred Goth, as a sworn Books auditor in 1963. In 1973, our partner Peter Goth joined the firm as a partner. Peter Goth led the firm after the death of Mr. Goth sen. in 1978 alone continued. The business activity has been expanded continuously. From originally tax advisory services, commercial law, corporate law, private construction law, property law, family law, estate planning, criminal tax law since the mid-90s also to corporate acquisitions and disposals. 2009 Peter Goth joined the firm as a partner. Lawyer Julia Ehmer and lawyer Florian Hцdl followed him in 2014. In the Department of contract law, we are your partners in the following fields:  - Testing and design of national as well as international treaties, in particular purchase agreement, service contract, lease and operating agreement, web hosting contract, software development contract, Order Data Processing (ADP), nondisclosure (NDA), artists contract, publishing contract, marriage contract, contract of inheritance, divorce settlement agreement- Creation of general conditions- Enforcement and defense of claims both judicially and extrajudicialIn the Department of employment law, we are your partners in the following fields:  - Reviewing and drafting employment contracts and service contracts - Review and design of severance agreements - Review and design of  management contracts - Advice and judicial representation in connection with the dismissal or termination of a manager - Contract design, consultancy and law enforcement in connection with the employees invention law  - Contract drafting and advice in connection with temporary workers - Advice in social insurance legislation- Advice and representation in cancellation  - Advice and support of employer interests in connection with social plan negotiations - Proceedings before the conciliation board - Advice in connection with certificates of employment- Advice and representation in business transfers, business closures and bankruptcies - Advice in industrial relations law - Advice in collective bargaining lawIn the Department of company law, we are your partners in the following fields: - Design of social contracts / constitution for GbR, PPA, OHG, KG, UG, GmbH, AG- Mediation in shareholder disputes- Corporate acquisitions and sales- Design of Contracts- Determination of taxable income, accounting- Tax advice- Corporate transformations- Contestation of resolutions adopted by the partners - Preparation and review of employment contracts- Law of SuccessionIn the Department of accounts receivable management / debt collection we offer the following services:  - Extrajudicial reminder- Introduction of the legal dunning procedure - Levy of execution, garnishmentIn the Department of intellectual property & media we offer the following services:  - Contract design (for example: artist contract, publishing contract, advertising contract, license agreement and so on)- Enforcement and defense of claims Data privacy lawsCompanies that collect personally identifiable data, process or use, are from a certain farm size required to appoint a data protection officer. The data protection officer may only be appointed if he has the required expertise to perform the tasks and reliability. The extent of the required technical qualification is determined in particular by the extent of the data processing and the need for protection of personal data, which raises the responsible entity or used. The Federal Data Protection Act explicitly allows companies to order a person outside the company as (external) data protection officer. In this way, costs or resources can be saved by the company. Benefit from our expertise in the areas of privacy and information technology. We create directories and process safety concepts and instructions for data protection and compliant handling of personal data in your company. We also offer staff training programs in your company.In the Department of cyber-law, we offer the following services: - Review, drafting and negotiation of IT and software contracts- Legal review of internet platforms- Advice in relation to data protection and IT Compliance- Design of general terms and conditions for software and IT services - Advice and representation in connection with domain legal issues - Advice and representation in imbalances in IT projects - Legal analysis and design of Internet platforms and online shops - Terms and Conditions (GTC) for online trading - Legally compliant Conditions - Testing and monitoring of online marketing, especially competition law- Service contract, web hosting contract, software development contract - Examination and preparation of production-, distribution and licensing agreements- Examination and preparation of advertising contracts

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