POLEX Law Firm
POLEX is a law firm, rendering professional legal, consulting and accounting services in Ukraine. After many years of work the firm has become a solicitor and a consultant of a number of companies and institutions within various business areas, including medicine and pharmacy, food industry and agriculture, consumer industry, IT and telecommunications, wholesale and retail. The firm’s key practices are: judiciary law and settlement of disputes, medical and pharmaceutical law, tax and customs law, intellectual property and franchising law, legal services to private clients, labor and migration law. Our internal working relations within the company, as well as our external relations with the clients and partners are based on the principles of mutual respect, responsibility and support. Being committed to the abovementioned basic principles, we take necessary steps to keep balance between quality of our services and a reasonable price policy. Such attitude helps us to support sustainable business development of our clients. We are thankful to our customers for their trust and commitment; and in the meantime we are fully aware of our obligation before them and before new clients, who expect us to render exclusively high quality legal, accounting and consulting services to them.

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