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Lawyers, Solicitors and Law Firms based in Italy

Italy - law firms and solicitors based in Italy. Our directory provides the easy access to many law firms in Italy specializing in personal injury, family, employment and business law.

Any lawyer who is working in Italy can list his practice in our directory absolutely free via this form. allows law firms to provide a brief description of the directory and contact details.

Recommended Italy Law firms, Lawyers and Solicitors

  Studio Legale Fracchia  
Studio Legale Fracchia Studio Legale Fracchia is a domestic and international general legal practice.  We advise and represent clients on a broadly diversified range of commercial transactions and offer a full range of legal services in private and business law.

The firm possesses a particular strength in all areas of litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution (other than criminal law), and advises o...
  Alessandria more information
  Studio Legale Palmigiano  
Studio Legale Palmigiano The Studio Legale Palmigiano is a thriving law firm that keeps abreast of changes in the world of law while fully respecting its traditions and roots. The firm was founded in 1954 and the perfect blend of young professionals and more seasoned lawyers enables it to offer authoritative advice and know-how in the fields of Italian law, comparative law and international private law. The services offer...
  Palermo more information
  Loconte & Partners Studio Legale e Tributario  
Loconte & Partners Studio Legale e Tributario Loconte & Partners law firm of Forensic and Tributary was founded with the intent to answer the high demands set by the increasing complexity of the world of legal and economic relations.

Located in Bari , at 15 Corso della Carboneria, the law firm is equipped with high quality of computerized in a comfortable and elegant structure.

The staff is composed of professionals ...
  Bari more information
  Studio Legale Caffi, Maroncelli & Associati  
Studio Legale Caffi, Maroncelli & Associati The law firm by means of this Home Page intends to supply general informations for public, without offering legal advices concerning specific issues and/or establishing any professional relation with any third party.

It is necessary a direct contact with lawyers for any request or legal advice.

Caffi Maroncelli and Associates law firm was founded in 1966.

The firm ...
  Bergamo more information
  Militerni & Associati  
Militerni & Associati The firm "Militerni & Associati" is a Professional Association which was established in 1991 and offers legal assistance of a high professional level. The firm's activity is applied to economic operators, private and public bodies who require global legal assistance. Its memberships are joined to the professional Law List and practice in association form according to the law in f...
  Bergamo more information
  Sciume & Associati  
Sciume & Associati Sciumé & Associati – Studio legale e tributario is a law and tax accounting firm that currently operates in the main fields of law and economy, among which M&A, corporate, banking, non profit, capital market and tax thanks to in-depth knowledge of the financial and economic worlds.

It relies on its staff of 110 distributed over the offices of Milan, Rome and Bologna...
  Bologna more information
  Studio Legale Morresi  
Studio Legale Morresi Meeting companies’ needs, in a spirit of complete openness and service, while maintaining the independence and highest standards of the legal profession; sharing fully with clients and colleagues the chosen course of action.

Studio Legale Morresi, with offices in Bologna, Treviso and Bruxelles, provides legal services to companies of various sizes in connection with a wide range o...
  Bologna more information
  Studio Legale Commerciale Bovesi - Cartwright - Pescatore  
Studio Legale Commerciale Bovesi - Cartwright - Pescatore Studio Legale Commerciale Bovesi Cartwright Pescatore acts for domestic companies and multi-national corporations, providing a wide range of legal services, in particular, in company and commercial, insolvency, banking and finance and commercial litigation matters. The firm aims to offer a timely, high quality and tailor-made service. 
Our specialisation in international matters is guar...
  Bologna more information
  Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners  
Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners We are an award-winning global law firm, with integrated practice area teams providing expert legal advice on all areas of commercial law.

With more than 260 lawyers based in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Padua, Turin, Brussels, London and New York, we are one of the largest Italian firms and are widely recognised as a key player in international and domestic practice.

In 2006, in re...
  Bologna more information
MACCHI di CELLERE GANGEMI Macchi di Cellere Gangemi is an Italian law firm established in 1986 serving clients worldwide on matters of Italian, European and international law.

The firm renders advice and assistance to multinationals, major companies and public institutions in Italy

Our lawyers are proud of the success achieved by the firm over the years, and are convinced that the firm is destined to ...
  Bologna more information
  PALMER Studio Legale  
PALMER Studio Legale The Firm was established in 1991, as Europe was reorganizing itself in a Common Market and entering a phase marked by increasing integration in various sectors, creating a challengingscenario of important developments in the legal profession.

Our Firm appeared on the Italian legal scene as a dynamic team of young, motivated, internationally-oriented lawyers, who had matured significant ...
  Bologna more information
  Nunziante Magrone  
Nunziante Magrone NUNZIANTE MAGRONE is an independent Italian law firm. Well-regarded professional expertise combined with a remarkable international calling: our successful strategy hinges on these strong points. With offices of Rome, Milan and Bologna, NUNZIANTE MAGRONE counts among its clients government agencies and private firms, as well as companies operating in real estate and infrastructures, logistics and ...
  Bologna more information
  SLA Studio Legale Associato  
SLA Studio Legale Associato SLA’s history has been, and continues to be, a process of change, growth, and expansion  but above all innovation, adaptation and response to changing client needs and the market on which it operates...

When SLA Studio Legale Associato was founded, it aimed above all to provide a full service for its corporate Italian clients and niche French client practice. The Firm was the...
  Brescia more information
  Studio Legale Mastellone & Associates  
Studio Legale Mastellone & Associates Studio Legale Mastellone, a strongly internationally oriented law practice, provides legal consultancy and advice in the areas of civil, commercial, business and company law as well as dispute resolution services (negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation).
Typical clients are non-resident companies, entities and individuals either investing in or in respect of their business and act...
  Florence more information
  JMU Law Firm  
JMU Law Firm JMU Law Firm, with offices in Florence, is the result of a targeted merger of two diverse professional specialisations, with the aim of offering italian and foreign clients a wide range of legal services in the field of domestic and international commercial law.

Besides Giammarco Muzj, a lawyer specialised in property and company Law, who has been sharing for many years the firm with hi...
  Florence more information
  Tonucci & Partners  
Tonucci & Partners Tonucci & Partners national and international offices, with a significant presence in the most important financial and industrial groups in Italy and abroad, ensure Clients have direct and customized support services for their Italy and Eastern Europe-based activities.

Moreover, joining the best professional Networks at European and International level, the Firm is able to provide w...
  Florence more information
  Studio Legale Rossello-Squeri  
Studio Legale Rossello-Squeri PRESENTATION
The Rossello-Squeri Law Firm - with its selected and qualified professionals who can provide both excellent assistance in Court and specialized and customized assistance in out-of-Court proceedings and consultancy - operates in the field of Civil and Commercial Law, mainly focusing on assistance and consultancy services for firms as well as boasting a long-established vocation fo...
  Genoa more information
  Studio Legale Batini & Associates  
Studio Legale Batini & Associates BB&PARTNERS Law Firm – is the association of the Law Firm Balestra Orione Vaccari, traditionally based in Genoa, with the Law Firm of Leghorn Batini & Associates.

Law Firm Balestra Orione Vaccari has been founded over thirty years ago by the professor of maritime law Nicola Balestra,  who still leads it. During the years the Firm met few transformations and it holds t...
  Genoa more information
  de Meo & Associati Studio Legale  
de Meo & Associati Studio Legale "de Meo & Associati" is an independent medium-sized law Firm with offices in Rome, Milan and Naples. The Firm has been described as "a Rome based firm led by esteemed name partner Michele de Meo, an expert in shipping and litigation of international repute, a former founding partner of Ughi & Nunziante."

The current profile of the Firm is the result of the de...
  Naples more information
  Studio Legale Scognamiglio  
Studio Legale Scognamiglio Today in the world of business clients request quality, rapidity and a total professional service at controlled costs. All deals need specialists in different fields: contractual, corporate and tax law.
With our offices in Italy and abroad and our consolidated international network, we assist our clients since 1997 in matters of international transactions and contracts, company and corporate ...
  Naples more information
  Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati  
Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati Studio Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati was established as an association of professionals, by a group of specialists who had been engaged for a number of years in the provision of tax and statutory consulting services to medium and large-sized companies and mutinational groups.

As a natural result of the structural evolution of the firm, this now includes, alongside specialists in ec...
  Padua more information
  Ceccon & Associati Avvocati  
Ceccon & Associati Avvocati Ceccon & Associates (former Studio degli Avvocati Agostoni - Ceccon & Associates) was established in Padua on November 1st, 2000 and is the result of the past experience of its Founder Partners, Roberto Ceccon—who started his 20-year experience in international law at Studio Avvocato Ercole Graziadei in Milan—Ilaria Bartolucci and Paolo Agostoni—prematurely departed on Ap...
  Padua more information
  Marzano & Sediva  
Marzano & Sediva The Law Firm “Marzano & Associates" was founded in Salerno in 1965 by Aldo Marzano and Arturo Budetta. Aldo Marzano received his Law Degree in 1959 at the Naples University. His stellar reputation and expertise in civil law and procedure have been widely and openly recognized throughout his exemplary career as an attorney. At the beginning of his professional career, he collaborated...
  Salerno more information
  Agnoli Bernardi e Associati  
Agnoli Bernardi e Associati Agnoli Bernardi e Associati is one of Italy's leading law firms in the corporate and financial sector, offering legal advisory services and providing legal representation in court, areas where it has gained extensive experience and where it is also able to meet the needs of emerging and innovative business activities.

With a team of around 70 professionals and offices, Rome, Turin a...
  Torino more information
  MDA Avvocati Associati d'Impresa  
MDA Avvocati Associati d'Impresa The professionalism and skills of over 25 qualified lawyers are available to provide expert assistance on not only everyday matters but also on complex and extraordinary operations. Thanks to its specific areas of specialisation, daily experience, proficiency in foreign languages and the support of a vast network of trusted correspondents, our firm has a special international vocation.

  Venice more information
  Belluzzo & Associati, Studio  
Belluzzo & Associati, Studio The Firm 25th anniversary has been celebrated also with mention on Legal 500 directory, which set us among Italian recommended firms and, further, has been nominated by Citywealth among the five outstanding European law firms.

We are also proud to inform you that our Firm has been recognized as the "Best Internationalisation & Foreign Investment Team in Italy 2008" as repo...
  Verona more information
  Studio legale Tedioli  
Studio legale Tedioli Italian law firm specialized in retail collection, bankruptcy and and legal services for creditors, from offices in Mantova. English and Italian version.
  Mantova more information
L'Abbate The Firm is based in Calabria, also having offices in Rome and, in partnership, in Milan; we are therefore able to assist our clients all around Italy and, through our connections and partnerships, Europe.

The Firm works in many fields, such as Civil law, investments, real estate, immigration. Our lawyers will offer the highest level of advice and assistance, focusing the attention on c...
  Reggio Calabria more information
  De Tullio Law Firm  
De Tullio Law Firm We are a well-respected multilingual firm. We provide strong specialised cross-cultural expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial property law across Italy.

We speak the same language as you, listen carefully to you, and work side by side with you to provide in-depth advice and individual solutions tailored to your needs. We are proud of our independence, take all necessar...
  Martina Franca more information
  Studio Legale Cadeddu  
Studio Legale Cadeddu Studio Legale Cadeddu is an international law firm established in 1972. The firm is based in Italy providing a full range of legal services in different areas of law.

Our main areas of practice are: shipping, transport and logistic, port and terminals, insurance, freight collection, shipbuilding, cargo claim and loss yachting law, international trade, corporate and commercial, bankrupt...
  Salerno more information
  Pacifici Nucci & Giacani  
Pacifici Nucci & Giacani Since several years the Firm offers a distinctive and high professional service to its clients.
Our structure and expertise enable us to offer a personal and qualified service in many different areas of law.
Moreover, wherever a broader perspective is needed, we provide lawyers experienced in a combination of disciplines, to ensure the most appropriate service to any peculiar case.
  Roma more information
Zagamilaw Zagamilaw is an international law firm with offices located in Rome and Reggio Calabria which is also directly linked to important law firms based in New York City and can deal with the resolution of legal matters throughout Italy and worldwide.

Providing an individual approach to all matters as to guarantee the clients interests, we offer Italian, English and Spanish speaking clients a...
  Rome more information
  Studio Legale Caretti - Italian Maritime and Pharmaceutical Law Firm  
Studio Legale Caretti - Italian Maritime and Pharmaceutical Law Firm Founded in 2004 in Naples by the Attorney Antonello Caretti, The Studio Legale Caretti offers its clients practical solutions and expert assistance in Italian civil law, with particular reference to the fields of pharmaceutical law, maritime and navigation law, international trade law and real estate law.

The firm offers both extra-judicial and judicial legal advice in front of the admi...
  Naples more information
  Studio Legale Avv. Alessandro Pedone  
Studio Legale Avv. Alessandro Pedone Law firm based in Bergamo (Italy). Law firm specialized in retail collection, bankruptcy and and legal services for creditors. Service location in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia.
  Bergamo more information
  Studio Legale Croce  
Studio Legale Croce The Crocи Law Firm offers legal assistance for over thirty years in all areas of civil law.

The Law Firm is headquartered in Reggio Calabria, but through a network of collaborators and correspondents can assist its customers throughout the Italian territory.

Over the years, the firm has gained particular experience in the field of civil liability, achieving brilliant re...
  Reggio Calabria more information
  Giambrone Law International Law Practice  
Giambrone Law International Law Practice Giambrone Law is a fully flegded, award winning Italian law firm with offices throughout Italy as well as London, New York, Casablanca and a new branch in Brazil due to open at the end of 2010.

We are widely regarded as one of the leading Anglo-Italian law firms as we provide comprehensive legal advice to all our clients on all matters of Italian law. All our work is undertaken and deli...
  Milan more information
  Studio Legale Bertaggia  
Studio Legale Bertaggia Bertaggia & Associates Law Firm has a purpose: we are a group of motivated professionals created to apply our legal knowledge and our experience and to be helpful to all clients who have legal issues and they need a partner constantly present to win their legal challenges.

Strong Client-lawyer relationships are a high priority at the law firm Bertaggia standard. Every lawyer has a s...
  Ferrara more information
Resenergy A new International pool of consultancy services in the Renewable Energy Sector

Practical approach, multidisciplinary vision, specific experience and competitiveness

Specific experience, practical approach, multidisciplinary experience and competitiveness are the characteristics of ResEnergy professionals that hold an international background on legal tax and financial aspect...
  Rome more information
  Studio Legale LAMASTRA - LAMASTRA Law Firm  
Studio Legale LAMASTRA - LAMASTRA Law Firm Lamastra Law firm based in Matera (South Italy), providing a full range of legal services in different areas of law.

We represent the clients in civil and commercial litigation, proceedings before Italian Court, before public administration and other public bodies and institutions, arbitration proceedings, including the bankruptcy and reorganisation process. The Office renders its serv...
  Matera more information
  Legal Assistance in Italy Law Offices - Studio Legale  
Legal Assistance in Italy Law Offices - Studio Legale A full service Italian law firm based in Rome, with English speaking lawyers, providing legal services to foreign individuals and businesses in matters concerning Italian law.

We specialize in guiding small businesses and providing advice and consult to way-ward travellers, in addition to handling immigration matters for a range of international clients.

Our Services
- I...
  Rome more information
  NL Studio Legale  
NL Studio Legale NL Law Firm, based in Milan, Italy. We are your solution to your legal problems in Italy.

We specialize in corporate law, commercial law, arbitration, debt collection, bankruptcy law, banking law, administrative law, civil law.

We have special expertise in trademarks and patents.
  Milan more information
SINGULANCE SINGULANCE is a premier international law firm that wants to propose an unusual model in legal services in Italy. The firm was conceived and created to manage legal and fiscal skills in multidisciplinary teams reflecting client needs. In addition to advising in the traditional areas of civil law, corporate and commercial – with national and international legal implications – the Firm p...
  Florence more information
  Di Vizio & Venezia  
Di Vizio & Venezia An international outlook and solid experience acquired with Italian Law are the focal points of the Law Firm Di Vizio & Venezia from the moment it was founded at the beginning of the 1990’s, a period in which European integration started growing at a fast rate to what it has become today. The studio was founded by Riccardo Di Vizio, who unifies his vocation for criminal and criminal proc...
  Cassino more information
  Avv. Michele Della Bella & Partners  
Avv. Michele Della Bella & Partners Deeply experienced attorneys at Avv. Michele Della Bella & Partners Law Firm offer legal guidance and representation to individuals and business Clients across all Italy and, through a skilled network of other lawyers, in Europe and Worldwide.

From our main office in Central Rome, Italy, we strongly emphasize dedicated personal attention across all our legal practice areas.
  Rome more information
  Avvocato Manon Laganа  
Avvocato Manon Laganа The "Avvocato Manon Laganа" is an indipendent Law Firm based in Tuscany which offers legal services in all the italian territory. The firm provides legal aid in the field of the International Private Law, International Contract Law, International Commercial law, E-Commerce Law, European Union Law and Italian Civil Law. Moreover  the legal services provided involve the activity...
  Viareggio more information
  The Family Law Italy, by M Calabrese & a. Attorneys  
The Family Law Italy, by M Calabrese & a. Attorneys The Family Law Italy founded in 1981 by Mr Marco Calabreses partner & founder,is a highly specialized Law firm operating in Rome in the field of International Family Law, divorce separation, child custody, manteinance, alimonies, child abduction, estates, wills and testament. We operate on a scale of fees based on income. Our hourly rates may vary from 200 to 350 USD. We are listed on the US E...
  Rome more information
  Iacovazzi International Law Firm  
Iacovazzi International Law Firm The Iacovazzi Law Firm, is an Italian Legal Professional Association comprised of lawyers qualified as Italian Avvocati.

Our practice areas range from real estate and corporate law to employment law and debt recovery.

Recognised as leading innovators in the Italian legal sector, we continously provide new legal and business solutions, tailored to meet the needs of our clients...
  Bari more information
  Studio Legale Lucchini Gattamorta & Associati  
Studio Legale Lucchini Gattamorta & Associati LGA offers affordable yet sophisticated commercial solutions for your company’s global legal needs. Our team of English speaking legal professionals includes corporate/commercial lawyers qualified in the UK and US.  We manage domestic and trans-border commercial/corporate operations at each stage of the business cycle.

Principal areas of specialization:
- National and in...
  Bologna more information
  Serghei Cozma Law Firm - Representation in Italy  
Serghei Cozma Law Firm - Representation in Italy Consulting and legal services in Italy, USA and Moldova. Preparation establishing documents for registration juridical persons in Moldova.
- Consulting in getting licences, composition agreements. Introducing in court.
- Juridical accomponation of your business and many others.
- Professional legal consultations in:
- Commitment (contractual) Law;
- Litigations;
- C...
  Padova more information
  Studio Legale Vatalaro & D'Astolfo  
Studio Legale Vatalaro & D'Astolfo “Three generations of lawyers. Over 80 years of experience dedicated to the care, protection and assistance the rights of our clients...”

The law firm was founded in 1932 by  Vincenzo Vatalaro senior.  The professional tradition is transmitted to his son Federico and then to his grandson Vincenzo junior, who became the owner of the firm in 1994.  In 2010 Tizia...
  Rome more information
  Studio Legale Massa / Massa Law Firm  
Studio Legale Massa / Massa Law Firm Studio Legale Massa (Massa Law Firm) is a leading commercial, corporate, intellectual property and Internet law firm in the Italian legal field, with offices in Bologna and Foggia, respectively in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Puglia, operating throughout Italy, abroad and on the Internet.

Professionalism, experience and skills gained in its areas of practice, allow the firm to offe...
  Bologna more information
  avv. Daniela Forti  
avv. Daniela Forti My law firm is located in the heart of Versilia, in the beautiful art town of Pietrasanta (Lucca). I deal with and resolve legal matters throughout Italy thanks to a close co-operation with other lawyers and experienced professionals.

My passion for languages made me achieve a high level of english which led me to specialise in Legal English.

In 2016 I obtained the internatio...
  Pietrasanta more information
  Avvocato Federico Baglini  
Avvocato Federico Baglini Main areas of practice:
-Property law.
-Leasing and renting.
-Inheritances, wills and donations.
-Contract law.
-Enforcement proceedings.
-Separations and divorces.
-Civil liability and tort law.
-Legal informatics.
  Genoa more information
  Damiani & Damiani International Law Firm & Services  
Damiani & Damiani International Law Firm & Services Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services oversteps the boundaries of territoriality, offering legal services through a multi-national network of lawyers, located in Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Croatia.

Damiani&Damiani is an over-40-year-experienced Italian law firm. We provide legal assistance in private, civil, business, trade matter...
  Rome more information
  Anp legal European Economist and Lawyers firms  
Anp legal European Economist and Lawyers firms Multi services Firms. Daily involved with top skills professional in different law area for individuals, companies and other entities.

Please visit our website for more info www.AnpLegal.Eu
  Francavilla Fontana more information
Bubnik Myslil & Partners
Bubnik Myslil & Partners
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Lorik Law Office
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Law Offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto
Law Offices of Jean-Charles S. Gardetto
Darie, Manea & Associates
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Advocates Primei
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Siamakis & Partners Law Firm
Siamakis & Partners Law Firm
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Oblin Melichar
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Gulla Law Office
Gulla Law Office
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BBNP law firm
BBNP law firm
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Dr. Koczkas Janos LAW FIRM
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Meijers Canatan Advocaten | Dutch Criminal Defence Lawyers
Meijers Canatan Advocaten | Dutch Criminal Defence Lawyers
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