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PI Partners
  Country:  Greece
Town:   54626 Thessaloniki
Address:   4, Polytechneiou Street
Phone:  +30 23 10512816
Fax:  +30 23 10512932
PI Partners is solution focused. We work closely with our clients to seek innovative and practical ways of dealing with their issues. Our priority is to help our clients meet their business objectives.

To find our more about our areas of practice, please choose from the options below:

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets
Financial transactions have become gradually more complex, with a resulting increase in the need for specialization and efficient legal representation. Please select from the service lines below to learn more about our Banking, Finance and Capital Markets practice:
- Banking & Finance
- Capital Markets

Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions
The highly regulated responsibilities and obligations of the management of both private and listed companies are central to the operation of a company. The effective use of commercial contracts is key to ensuring the protection of companies’ rights and functional working relationships. Our priority is to help our clients meet their commercial aims while maintaining a watertight legal position. Our Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions practice is fundamental to our firm and includes the following service lines:
- Company Law
- Commercial Agreements
- Mergers & Acquisitions

Dispute Resolution
The types of commercial and contractual relationship pursuant to which business can be conducted are increasingly numerous and complicated. With them has increased the number of these relationships which result in parties resorting to some form of dispute resolution to settle conflicts. Arbitration is an efficient and increasingly popular means to resolving disputes and arbitration clauses are written into more and more contractual agreements worldwide. The procedure is well suited to the solving of complex commercial disputes and, given the exclusion of appeals, final resolution of the dispute can be obtained within a reasonable time frame. However, the traditional method of litigation is still preferred by many businesses and individuals all over the world. We take a constructive approach in assisting our clients in resolving their disputes. Our Dispute Resolution service lines include:
- Arbitration
- Litigation

The liberalization of the Energy markets across Greece and South-East Europe has led to opportunities for investment and development in this sector seeing rapid growth. PI Partners’ energy practice is well-placed to provide the solution-orientated advice needed in the regulated industries, together with the capacity to conduct regulatory due diligence. Our areas of specialization include advising on:
- regulatory and licensing issues
- mergers & acquisitions of energy undertakings
- project finance transactions in the energy sector
- power purchase agreements
- gas supply contracts
- tolling agreements
- renewable energy sources
- biofuels
- upstream project development
- grants and financial incentives
- financing issues
- groupings of energy initiatives

EU, Competition & Antitrust
With the enlargement of the European Union and the proliferation of legislation and regulations governing contractual relationships and transactions, competition and antitrust considerations affect a growing number of businesses in more and more jurisdictions around the world. Our EU and Competition law practice is a substantial part of our business. PI Partners’ Bucharest and Sofia offices are actively engaged in advising on the effects of Romania and Bulgaria joining the European Union in 2007. Lawyers in our Istanbul office have built an extensive track record in advising on the compatibility of all types of commercial agreements with competition regulations. We represent our clients in their applications before the European Court of Justice and active contestations against the Competition Committee’s decisions. Our team is highly specialized: Xenophon Paparrigopoulos is the Head of the Department of EU Studies of the Scientific Service of the Hellenic Parliament, with responsibility for the briefing of Parliament on important developments in EU law and for the review of national bills to ensure conformity with EU legislation. We advise on:
- applications for clearance of a merger or acquisition
- state aids and subsidies
- governmental or regulatory barriers to trade
- offensive and defensive strategies to antitrust legislation
- consortia
- dominant market positions and cartels
- monopolies and oligopolies
- pooling of interests
- anti-dumping laws
- free movement of goods, capital and employees
- tax issues and fiscal harmonization
- production and distribution of goods and services in markets under regulation, including telecommunications, energy, transportation and post
- the effect of EU legislation on mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, commercial contracts, labor relations and market operations

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property rights can be among the most valuable of a company’s assets and the legislation and regulations in place governing the protection and use of these rights is constantly developing. PI Partners provides a high quality and efficient service to our clients covering the full range of their intellectual property issues, including identifying, registering, protecting and defending all aspects of their rights. We combine the specialized legal skills normally associated with boutique intellectual property firms with the corporate and litigation capabilities of a major general practice firm. Our service line includes:
- trademarks and unfair competition, including:
          o clearance for use advice, including searches
          o filing and registration (on a national, international and Community level)
          o maintaining domestic and foreign trademark registration portfolios, including renewals and global portfolio management and enforcement
          o trademark oppositions (prosecuting and defending)
          o trademark cancellation
          o trademark and unfair competition litigation
          o counterfeiting
          o trademark agreements such as transfer, licensing (including character and personality merchandising licensing), brand extensions and contract manufacturing of branded products
          o due diligence
- copyright and database rights, including:
          o establishing and maintaining copyright protection and the scope of such protection in Greece and internationally
          o copyright and database rights litigation
          o anti-counterfeiting
          o licensing, franchising and merchandising agreements
- industrial designs, including:
          o design filing and registration (on a national and European level)
          o design litigation
          o licensing, franchising and merchandising agreements
- patents, including:
          o filing and registration
          o litigation and revocation proceedings
          o validation of European Patents
          o dealing with patent issues arising within the context of corporate transactions
          o transfer and licensing of patented technology
- domain names, including:
          o registration
          o transfer
          o litigation and ADR
- intellectual property transactions and due diligence

People are critical to and affect all businesses. The relationship between employer and employee is central to the functional operation of any company. PI Partners’ labor practice guides our clients through the complicated and changeable mass of legislation and regulation which governs employee relations and benefits in South-East Europe, as well as the compatibility of national and EU requirements. Our substantial expertise includes advising on:
- compliance with regulatory requirements on an EU and national level
- employment contracts for all levels of personnel
- collective employment agreements
- the structuring of salaries and compensation schemes
- the obligation to remunerate for overtime/extra work
- benefits
- minimum and alternative remuneration
- stock option plans
- employee status
- annual leave allowance
- work permits
- dismissal, collective dismissals, redundancy and transfer
- severance packages
- post termination considerations
- relationships with trade union and works councils
- internal work regulations, including codes of conduct and health and safety

Project Finance
The project finance market in Europe is booming and the loan volumes in this sector account for a noteworthy proportion of syndicated credit agreements. PI Partners is ideally placed to advise our clients, with a reputation for bridging the legal and cultural gaps between foreign investors and local counterparts. Our expertise includes advising lenders, sponsors and contractors on substantial infrastructure, energy and technology projects and PPPs, and in particular on:
- the applicable legal and regulatory framework governing projects and the industries involved
- facility agreements
- security agreements
- intercreditor agreements
- turnkey design and build contracts
- offtake contracts
- tolling agreements
- operation and management agreements

Real Estate
Transactions involving the acquisition, development and financing of real estate are dependent upon compliance with complicated legislation and planning and zoning regulations. Our Real Estate practice provides conveyancing services and expert advice on:
- sale and purchase of real estate assets
- ownership structures including horizontal and vertical property ownership
- financing
- lease agreements
- sale and leaseback agreements
- zoning issues
- obtaining clearances from forestry and archaeological authorities
- obtaining permits and regulatory approvals
- property development (tourist, residential etc)
- construction
- tax issues arising in the context of real estate transactions

A substantial proportion of the international movement of goods takes place by sea and their transport is made complex by regulations, a chain of contractual relationships and the multi-jurisdictional aspects of the shipping trade. We are specialized in advising on:
- international trade
- contracts relating to the transport of goods by sea, including bills of lading, charter parties and contracts of affreightment
- litigation and arbitration (primarily under the LMAA rules) arising from charter party and cargo disputes, vessel and asset arrests, insurance disputes
- sale and purchase of vessels
- shipbuilding contracts
- financing of vessel acquisitions and shipbuilding
- vessel ownership structures including the establishment of offshore companies, tax efficiency planning, registration
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